Ethically is a cheap flight a human right?…
British Airways staff are taking BA to court to reinstate their "Human Right" of cheap flights.
Don't they know there's a recession on?

Your thoughts?
No, it is classified as a perquisite, a privilege. We all know, or should know, from our own upbringing and the approach we have brought up our own children, that privileges can be withdrawn for unacceptable way of life. This strike did not win much public sympathy -- most of us saw it as a case of people beside attractive, well paid job being unprepared to face the reality that in these straitened times costs have to be cut and economy made. They were warned that the price of striking might include the subtraction of travel perks, but they went ahead near their eyes wide open.

It's time for courts to draw a flash between human rights and those privileges which have to be deserved.
Well, no, it's really not.

If something depends on someone else making it possible, it isn't a Right at all.

In this case, a "right" to cheap flights (or any other form of flights) depends on someone else building an airplane, someone else buying it and filling it with fuel, and someone else study how to fly it.

Nobody has a right to air travel who can't fly short someone else's help. That pretty much leaves out everyone but the birds.
To my education, no country has a constitution or statute relating to cheap airline flights as a human right. If you can find it, let me know. I'd resembling to avail myself of it.
Ridiculous!!... what next?.. everyone have a 'human right' to own a Ferrari ??

This 'human rights' crèpe has gone too used to be there for REAL supporting human rights... food, shelter, freedom from persecution etc.
They are now tallying more things which are deemed a 'human right'..... how long will it be before criminals contained by jail have a 'human right' to be free?
BA has taken on the union bosses and defeated them. It be they who came crawling back to negotiate, but they enjoy lost. Hence the threat of more court action and yes the further loss of profit to BA. The employees [workers] are seeing the frothy at last the union bosses compensate is far in excess of their top scale wage structure. We are backbone to the 1974 time t will try to ruin the country and government as they did for Wilson. We went broke and be rescued by the International Monetary Fund; but it took several years to do so. Source(s): I have lived 90 years of history. Did they honestly not expect the refusal of their perks when they go on strike?
Seriously, cheap flights as a "human right" has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard come from a labor dispute. If the European labor agencies honestly have an idea that that occupational perks qualify as human rights, consequently they are very unfortunately short-sighted. Try recounting someone who's lost everything or better yet, someone who's never had anything that cheap nouns flights are a human right.

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