My dear ancient friends, are you within favor of Turkish entry into Europe?

Hello from France!

Mr Cameron Cameron said "'I remain your most determined advocate for Turkey's accession to the EU"...
Are you agree with the position of your prime minister.

Thank you!
NOoooo ! Not now _ perh'aps in two years _ linger and see !
I am not racist, neither am I prejudiced against race or culture, but I am becoming more and more disillusioned by the EU. We in Britain already enjoy a huge problem with masses of Europeans coming to Britain to live and work here, especially from Poland and other East European nation, which under EU law they are allowed to do. We are already overstretched on housing, public services and job which are already difficult to find and the situation will get even more difficult if Turkey joins the EU. Thousands more immigrant from Turkey descending on the UK will be a disaster. I do not mind Turkey joining the EU, but there must be strict controls on the number of immigrants allowed into Britain from EU countries or we will vigorous become overcrowded and this will only encourage far right faction to flourish.
As an Irishman beside nothing to do with the UK/Britain or their popular weak as piss water politicians i vote "aye like fu'ck" i'm looking foward to Turkey getting into the EU. Ireland is full up as well, we don't inevitability or want another 3 million immigrants. Ireland can barely cope next to 5 million natives north and south, 3 million ecconomic migrants and another 3-5 million turks (hopefully never!) Cameron and indeed my own leader the Taoiseach Brian Cowen can go sup my piss from a puddle until that time i allow my country to be over run with yet more unwanted immigrant.
Absolutely not NO
We all know where partly of Turkey will want migrate to, yet how few votes they will give us contained by Eurovision.

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