When does the army engender their soldiers wear berets?

I wanted to know because I was thinking almost joining the army. Thanks :)
With a screen first name like Baseball pro I take it you're american?
The British Army wear Berets soon after starting plain training, in the US I believe only undisputed units wear berets
You will wear your beret within your ACU's (except while in the field, motorpool, or deployed) Personal Class A's, B's, Personal Blues. Source(s): 7yrs Active The Royal Tank Corps needed a small helmet. After the First World War, they adopted Berets. Everyone else thought they looked cool (Monty wore one) and the rest is history.
In daily routine, in military camp and when it is deemed either not detrimental to patrol with Berets ie:early Iraq(Basra) and northern ireland Source(s): ex 1 rifles When you receive out of school, and become permanent party/Active Duty. It is presently the only headgear worn at most Duty Stations, unless you are in the motor pool, or deployed. It is a sector of the uniform and must be worn at all times when outside. Source(s): Army SGT, Dual Military Spouse/MOM, 2 deployments, 5 yrs in, and steadily moving on up! The British Army wear Berets because it symbolises that you are representing Freedom and adjectives it stands for. that's why when there is a revolution going on in a country to be exact a dictatorship the rebels were berets to symbolise they want freedom
As soon as you start basic training. Source(s): Ex-army. Whenever they want them to look silly.

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