Why dont adjectives countries that owe money?

refuse to pay it vertebrae,they cant afford it and the countries that lent it can afford to lose it,surely thats the way to get the world stern on its feet.
Then nobody will lend them money again
Have you ever tried recounting your bank that, actually, you don't be aware of like paying back your mortgage/loan? I don't conjecture it would go down too well, and you'd cessation up losing your house, or being visited by the bailiffs. International loans are similar - you don't only just give someone money and hope they pay it rear legs, there are conditions for if you default, or snub to pay. The IMF could get involved, and force you to income it back, you could find yourself the target of economic sanction, and so on, which would all leave you contained by a much worse position than if you just paid hindmost the money in the first place. After all, what applies to ancestors also applies to countries - if you can't afford to pay it back, don't give somebody a lift out the loan in the first place.
I agree.

The money everyone owes in any satchel DOES NOT EXIST.
It's all invisible figures made out of this nouns,..so why don't the Governments do what the Banks do...invent the money they owe out of thin air, and use this to repay the Banks.

You have it inversely. The USA owes far more than it has lent out. So much so that China now owns partly of America already.
Its not about but money but instead control. But simply if adjectives debts where to be paid pay for there would be not a penny left surrounded by existence. The system of FIAT currency around the globe is corrupt and fraudulent and every time someone gets a loan a crime have been commited.
No - actually that's how the economic system would collapse

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