So, do you have a sneaking suspicion that the NHS will move to private over 10yrs as experts predict?

This is a UK question where a study panel applicant Dr Sarah Brewer and others believe it will.…
Less than 10yrs we just can't afford it anymore..too many things free and copious old people living longer, lots disabilities, many infertile couples, many obese, oodles diabetics, many with large cholesterol, many gender vary operations,many cancer,mental illness,heart attacks, liver problems etc. The majority of these are lifestyle factors so unless we coppers its probably going to be by 2012... Source(s): work in the Health Sector Shocking. It is amazing that no matter how catastrophic one conservative trend after the other, culture still keep buying into these faerie tales forever, meanwhile, socialism have "failed every time it has be tried" (probably because of conservative sabotage... just resembling NHS).
I think the NHS will be forced to make more of its services private, a bit than state funded. IVF, for example, is a huge waste of money for something that is just about a life-threatening condition. Certain services, that don't have a direct effect on someones health, or are lone taking place due to the patient ignore health advice (like heaps obesity-related health problems, or from smoking all your life), are plausible to be removed, at least in part of the pack, from the NHS, due to the huge drain they have on finances, with no unadulterated effect (like people have operation to reverse obesity, but do little to change their natural life style, for example). I don't think it will ever become totally private - any government that proposed such a point would never win an election, for a start. You also have to remember that a able-bodied work force is a productive and economically active one, and accessible health strictness is an important part of that.

I a short time ago can't see the NHS being entirely, or even mostly, privatised in the subsequent half-century, let alone in the subsequent decade.
There will be no NHS as we know it at the end of this decade. The rot has started and I did not vote for it ! The deeply worst is yet to come in my view.
no these so called experts keep predicting things that will evolve in 10 15 or even 20 years time and they are never right it is just guess work

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