Do I deserve to know how my dad is paying the bills?

I am 15. My dad is an alcoholic, who lost his job months ago. By months, I mean resembling... Late 2009/early 2010. He said we had "a few thousand dollars" in the ridge when he finally came out after losing his job (3-4 weeks after it truly happened). He doesn't do anything anymore. He doesn't leave his room. I constantly hear him opening can of beer (and yes, I'm sure it's beer). He acts drunk all of the time, and occasionally even leaves to get groceries anymore. If our rent is almost 1k a month -- plus all of the bills -- a few thousand dollars would enjoy been out the window tenfold very soon. So how is he getting all of the money? Do I deserve to know? Would it be inappropriate of me to ask him? I'm worried that we'll be living down-and-out soon. I know he isn't collecting unemployment, as he's told me that much, but even if he was, it's not ample to live on. I'm getting a job in a month when I turn 16, and my mom is desperately trying to find a livelihood now, but due to a bad text (supposed "theft" a few years ago, among a few other things in her past), finding one is hard for her. So we're riding bad of what we have in the sandbank, as far as I know. My dad claims he's looking on craigslist for a job but he's got an amazing transcription. No flaws. Getting a job would be easy for him and we adjectives know it. Do I deserve to know?
I know your worried,but if he won't tell your mom he's not going to tell you. You may want to chitchat with your mom about letting you stay beside a relative until things get better.
"Deserve" to know? Did you realize that you asked this in the official section? No law requires Dad to make clear to you squat. If you want to know how to improve your relationship with your Dad so that you respectively can share information with the other, there are booth of this site that would be more appropriate.
Why not ask him?

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