I am 14 , uk and obligation serve next to police career ?

i am 14 and i am about to do my standard grades on french, geography, standard grade pe, maths , english, physics, biology and craft & design.

So primarily i am wondering what grades i need or would be good to own if i wanted to join the police art in scotland and i am wondering what i should do after i leave institution; should i go to college/uni and study social work/physical ed/or anything else, or should i get a situation as a life guard or something.

i just don't know what to do if anyone can lend a hand me figure this out please x
There aren't formal qualifications required, and you can combine when you are 18 - no need for university, although it would undoubtedly help you contained by progressing your career. Source(s): http://www.policecouldyou.co.uk/officers… Forget the police, they're rotten to the core at least surrounded by Aberdeen. You're worth more than that. You need to get some apt grades in English, Maths a Science (not general science) and one other. That will stand you contained by good stead for any career.

But if you want to maintain your friends and family, then forget man a copper. No one likes them. Source(s): left college in 1982 and have done OK so far!

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