What testimonial do I have need of for the British Army?

I've set my sights on the Army when I turn 16, I'm in year nine when I get wager on to school and I was wondering what curriculum I should take to help me link, and what marks/grades/levels I need in those subjects.
a brave hart will do . love ur country abhorrence everything else Source(s): 100s of years of the british armys history You don't need any qualis to become infantry. But if I were you I wouldnt excess my time on the Army its horrible.
Wait why do you stipulation to go into the Military when you live in a castle and simply relax and drink tea? Source(s): JUST FREAKIN KIDDING!! no formal qualifications for most, A-Cs for the best jobs
Hi here are some of the opportunity qualifications,


Most of them you don't need testimonial for as you gain them through your training.

Msg me if you want to know more. Source(s): Ex-Army To join the army as a regular soldier you do not need any qualification, you may call for some qualifications if you want to do a certain slice of the army such as a REME tradesman, or a different, more skilled and technical job.

But suitable subjects which might be worth it would be geography, has a lot of up to date, and modern stuff, including foreign affairs, PE is a appropriate one for learning leadership and alliance skills, and if you are good at a subject such as technology or maths try to further that because the army may be able to give support to you with a job which you can do next to the subjects you enjoy, and then provide you a wider option once you come out the army, if you come out with freshly a soldier there is not much on the CV however, if you have done a trade surrounded by the army then there is plentifully of experience there that employers will look for,
hope this help and good luck. Source(s): http://www.army.mod.uk/join/15381.aspx Joining is fairly natural as teaching is done as part of the situation.
Be prepared for very early retirement and travel contained by very confined spaces after serving abroad.

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