Parked police coupé UK speeding?

UK only. I went passed a flawed police car at about 35mph (according to my speedometer) surrounded by 30mph zone on my motorbike. The police car was only just one of their BMW saloons, it was facing towards me parked on the other side of the road. As I went passed it made a U turn.
Would the police officer enjoy to have stopped me to give me a ticket? Or can they post it even though they wouldn't hold my number plate on camera?
they should have stoped you and issued you near a ticket
If they were interested Jimmy they would have stopped you.
Slow down contained by future.
An unmarked car helps them confine culprits breaking the law; such as yourself.

The 30mph speed limit is in that for a reason and legally binding on road users; its not a target.

If I be passing thru that area, my speed would own been dropped to 25 mph. 5mph below the speed limit not 5 mph over it.

You broke the canon therefore pay the cost.

On reading Ryan Riddle`s answer how criminally arrogant he is. A disaster waiting in the wings.

He should read the coupled news report as supplied. Source(s):… Why should you get any redress? did you hurt anyone? did you motivation any damage? if not, consequently why should you have to worry more or less revenue collectors, (Cops)? As long as you have broken any Common law why should you be penalize? this takes away your rights under our British Common decree.
1) A Speed Camera needs a clear view of the target so this must not be astern Glass for example u always see cameras set up outside of cars or they are parked sideways just sour the road with the window rolled down or a Van near an Open Back door window. This is because obviously when u look at a Pane of Glass u see a slight care this it to do with the reflection of oil lamp so if there was a forethought on the beam the speed returned would not been correct.

2) The method Police normaly use are 10% of the speedlimit +2 so if u be going 35 on your speedo u would be .... "allowed" 33mph + 2 (speedo error) but this really depends if the policeman/women was in a well-mannered mood or not.

3) It depends what side of the road u were on how hard it would be to turn around and chase you down.

4) Most police cars in a minute days the new Astras with Licence plates starting near OU10? i think it is (Includes the new undercover cars) are kitted out next to Dash cameras which can monitor speed and pickup licence plates and run them in the police database stored on the car. Atleast i know the police contained by my area have this tech. And they can flag you to be pulled over by the subsequent car that runs your plate.

And to share my comments. Im a younger driver.. im 18. I sometime brake the speed limit but im not stupid more or less it. If you are smart you can get away with it if you return with caught then deal beside the consiquences.
Sometimes i may do 50 in a 40 if there are no cars doing a tour or its very late at darkness so im not stupid about it. i dont speed past school or that crap i dont eccesively speed like alot of retarded chavs do for example doing 50 in a 30.

So for adjectives the people saying bla bla bla u did 35 contained by a 30 u should be punished and die and never drive a car again. They are just stupid and grown up far too much and most probable speeded when they were younger and forgot what it was approaching to be young.

So back to your cross-question. If they didnt do anything count yourself lucky he either let u past its sell-by date, couldnt be bothered, or flaged your numberplate on the system and ull just be randomly stoped for a chat and be challenge if you have been drinking today. lol Stay away from drink driving and you are without blemish fine. Source(s): Google and Own Knowledge.

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