How horribly wrong is this foreign elected representatives going to run?

All the new plans they're currently and planning on implementing in recent times seem disastrous!
It feels similar to the 80's again lol :P
i don't think they could do much worse than the last! not that i really enjoy faith in any of them! i think if you mean horrible approaching our services getting worst and basically less money one spent on things we would like it to be spent on its going to get much worse. i do reflect on though that we need that unless we want to be the next greece within 20 years time! lets not forget the boom in both the 90s and 00's contained by things like property thanks to times of stupidity! if we catch another one of them in a few years then that will produce it all worth while, especially if you own a house or 2!

the way i see it is rescue in cash so not a soul can get it, get private healthcare so you don't inevitability our cr(a)ppy hospital services and if you can buy one right now buy a house! in my judgment that massively dilutes any effect they can have on you! just pelt your cash well :-)
Like Obama, when this new government come in the critics from ALL sides were ringing the passing knell even before things got started. I muse the majority don't know or maybe don't care of late how bad the state of the country is and how badly it have been betrayed by Blair - Brown and cronies.

if much more truth comes out regarding Blair I guess the point will be reached where even beside a brass neck he will feel the UK is the second place he wants to find himself. NO ONE can do what he has done and not quality something or was this the reason for becoming a Catholic - to be swiftly forgiven his sins by another mortal!
Spoken like a true Brit, denial as ever, just what our enemies want to hear!
Wow I aspiration it were the 80s! Id have a opening!

I hope your talking about canada! The tories wont finishing. They are very corrupt and evil and cater to ethnic people and rich folk. The accurate canadians will stand up against this! There is a new party human being formed that will bring our country back- its called ALL CANADA FOR CANADA Party and it literally means in recent times that! We will focus back on OUR country, Our jobs, Our roads, Our healthcare system and OUR relations! What what a concept eh?? Imagine, you turn on the news and they are focusing on OUR country and OUR people instead of India, and the middle east!
Aye and things will only get worse beneath this Tory shower, the latest Lib Dem plans are to put up energy costs by a third !! aren't we getting ripped stale enough without these Muppets and their crazy philosophy , I wonder how many of the sheep are wishing they never voted Tory very soon
You are neither old satisfactory in real vocabulary nor in intellect to remember the 80s. lol :P
Reading the answer given by the Canadian guy, I want to emigrate to Canada. Sounds approaching they all have the right perception over there. This government is a farce and they will create life unbearable. God help out us all.
Bush flooded our basements and in a minute the mold is growing upwards by leaps and bounds and is hard to contain.
Our present Government is doing remarkably powerfully under the dire circumstances.

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