Can I draw from assistance next to my rent etc while on sick?

I am in debt which has be very worrying and I feel approaching i'm going to lose it. I was thinking about going on sick from work to sort everything out including my guide but i would only get statutory sick rate and was worrying about paying my rent & other bills!! Are they any benefits I would know how to qualify for while on the sick?
SSP is only lb79.15 per week. If you are a single person, over the age of 25, live alone and your rent is not unreasonably dignified, you'll be able to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. You would be liable for lb5.66 rent per week (after HB) and lb1.74 Council Tax (after CTB).

Bear in mind that this is base on you being over 25, living alone, with probable rent and having no income other than SSP. The information will change if you live with someone, or are underneath 25 etc.

Phone your local CAB if you need help making the claim.

Edited to tag on: The Citizens Advice Bureau or other advice agency will be able to back with your debts too.
If you are stressed because of debt it might be a better idea to find a second living and not take off sick from your current work. Being out of work sick you won't earn as much money and you won't ever get out of debt. It's time to put your big girl pants on and start living in your means and not laying contained by bed crying because you can't pay your bills, going on welfare is not the answer to your problems.
If your statutory sick pay is as much as you would usually earn.& you don't catch any help with paying your bills/rent presently you probably wouldn't on the sick either.

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