What is the best style to depopulate?

Han, people don't own less kids because they are rich. They become better off by have fewer children. The more money we give to third world countries, the more they breed.

War, famine and disease roughly keep populations in check. We may try to avoid them, but the best we'll do is put them rotten for a while, and they'll be all the stronger for the rest.

The most humane way would be to stop supporting unsustainable populations that can't survive on their own.
Eugenics. Hitler took it to an extreme that made it unpopular, but "fixing" people unable to contribute to society contained by a meaningful way. Basically murder the useless mouth, the senile and really old, the mentally ill. You can also give somebody a lift people that live in generational poverty and clandestinely sterilize them. Scary stuff really. I bet the elites are working on it all right in a minute under the table.
Do not allow Turkey into the EU Source(s): http://newsflavor.com/politics/internati… Cut off adjectives water sources, then poison the remaining lake and stagnant rivers.
The richer a society is, the a reduced amount of kids they have (yes I know that sound stupid but it back up lots of data). Here's a summary


So, the clear answer is, make sure that we raise poor countries out of poverty. This will stop them have so many kids
A war is a quick track to depopulate a country.A Nuclear war could well erase nearly if not all of the worlds population if most Nuclear countries go in in.
I believe cockroaches and scorpions can survive radiation.So they could be the next within line from a Darwinism point of view to move up the food tie up.
Make child support check so expensive that only a Cave Man
Oh sorry I mean a primitive man would want to filch a chance in have a baby
Because of the 60% of income support check that follows the divorce
As far as the UK is concerned a way to de-populate would be to deprive adjectives immigrants who have be in the country less than five years and hold been unemployed for a high-ranking percentage of the time access to social benefits, housing, NHS et al
History shows that some nut jobs think genocide is the solution.

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