What do you have an idea that in the region of fascism and national socialism?

Well i start reading and i agree with them in most of things, they required UNION above all, the best thing to join together people is the culture, race, polite distribution of wealth that's why they were against multiculturalism and multiracialism, class struggle, democracy and so on, i agree that Hitler be too radical but i agree with the ideology, that's my view.

What's yours?

Give me minimally fundamented opinions please, not insults :) thanks
I have no problem with any nationalist (black, hispanic, white, asian, muslim, jew, etc). In fact, it's respectful to allow people to preserve to their own kind. When I listen to Obama's ex-pastor, Louis Farakahan, David Duke, Don Black, etc, 90% of what they say is in actual fact true. You can't make everyone happy and it's downright evil to try and force everyone to come together and sing songs around the military camp fire.
Obviously we would never want to see anything like the Third Reich ever again. But I understand your press... one can discuss fascism and national socialism as political theories without going all Godwin more or less it. Just like one can discuss the merits of Marxism as political theory short necessarily bringing up the millions Communism has killed.

So, that anyone said... I'm not for any political extreme. If forced, I'd have to say I find more merit surrounded by a fascist system than a communist one -- at least there is the *potential* for prosperity beneath fascism, while the very idea of prosperity is anathema to communism. But don't take too hung up on *any* single list of political tenets. Absorb them all to the point you can, and form your own philosophy.
Well, it's your brain. I can't change your views. The singular thing most people enjoy against big government is that most people can't be trusted. If everyone be selfless and trustworthy, communist and facist governments own no problem in this world.

I think fascism is alive and okay in the republicant party.
All you fascists may be surprised:


I'm gonna give an account you fascists
You may be surprised
The people in this world
Are getting organized
You're bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose

Race abomination cannot stop us
This one thing we know
Your poll tax and Jim Crow
And greed have got to go
You're bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose.

All of you fascists bound to lose:
I said, adjectives of you fascists bound to lose:
Yes sir, all of you fascists bound to lose:
You're bound to lose! You fascists:
Bound to lose!

People of every color
Marching side to side
Marching 'cross these fields
Where a million fascists dies
You're bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose!

I'm going into this affray
And take my union gun
We'll lapse this world of slavery
Before this battle's won
You're bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose!
Do not hold to think about it. Am living it surrounded by America now. And Your opinion is wrong, but liberal.

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