Could Guerrilla Action that Fido Castro done for his country work for us if we done it within Britain?

I mean wouldn't it be great to over throw the British Parliament?
It would be difficult to over throw any country of Islam including Britain
'If we done it in Britain'? (Are you a native speaker of English?)

Mickie, training should be more of a concern to you than overthrowing the British Parliament. With habeas corpus and the Magna Carta, the world was changed, and Britain's justice system be changed as well.

What Castro did in his country be for a totally different situation. He took the people out of slavery and into a dictatorship which worked for them at the time. Today, under his management, education is a high priority and this be very good for them. But other aspects of such a tightly controlled society do not work for them today. It be an emergency measure and it is now time to money with the rest of the world. (Especially since they no longer have the financial support of Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union.) Source(s): Friends surrounded by Cuba "Fido" Castro? Would that be FIDEL Castro's dog? Woof woof. . .

I'd prefer not to take inspiration from South American countries when it comes to our means of Government, gratefulness. Way too many bloody military coups and corrupt dictatorships.

Don't really fancy a General Pinochet or a Galtieri over here if its alright with you . . .
Well y'no I fink like wot Castro done wuznt kwite ve same close to Bruv. Fer won fing, e wuz at leest semmy litrut.

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