How to appeal against parking ticket?

I received a parking ticket in 2007 and paid it inwardly 14 days. However cheque bounced and contacted them and paid 60 pounds over the phone. The lady I spoke to said I still lone owed 60 pounds. However I received the bailiffs round with a warrant on house and car arranged to clamp and tow car away! He said it was still out standing and be now lb388. I never received a notice that I still owed 60 pounds inside those 3yrs plus had been stopped by police and have no comment about an outstanding ticket! I have remunerated the lb388 so not to take my car but who do I appeal against this!
Your best bet is to register for internet bank with your bank (if you own not already done so) as you can get the last 6 years of dune statements online. All you have to do then is walk back to the date you paid it, print sour the evidence that you made the payment and send a communication with a copy of the bank statement to prove you made allowance and request an immediate refund of the lb388.

Depending on which council issued the ticket, will depend on the contact address to transport the letter too. You will need to progress the the council's website who issued the ticket to get this information.

If you do not have internet bank and do not want to sign up for it, you can try your bank - just ask them for a statement for the month contained by question - however they may not be able to dance back that far and if they can they may charge for this service as most banks charge nearly lb5 for a statement re-issue.

more indepth info is available here:
Go to the local magistrate and have your solicitor make the request for a reversal of this traffic offense
it will probably dance against you but you will have the last word contained by the matter
sometimes you have to freshly do the right thing and object no thing how futile it is to fight the system

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