Why England enjoy top position contained by EU statistics just about racism assault of human rights and ferocity?

Yes, appreciation to all your daft questions today, I estimate I have gained over 50 points, cheers.
At smallest that is one good point you have done today.
so we have yet another entitle now do we well I will merely have to keep reporting you and adjectives the names you use Brixton Blue Luton Sandy Camberwell London Billingham Jonny Gatwick Sonny LondonBrixton EnglishAlamo, KingSamuel, HollygurlMalone JessicaMalone ad infinitum to moniker a few and I intend to keep on reporting you and suggest that others do as well what are you going to do spawn threats against me ok if you do that is fine another reason to report you
Thanks for the two points.
Where is the link to your source?
8 names, and still duplicate racist cant.

Just easy points to me, a sad commentary on your vivacity to the world.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
PLZ don't get me wrong when i write this down, i've be living in UK for 5yrs now, most of the nation here are "CHAV", which means homelesss but got money to buy beer and wee, hey also un-educated relations.
Now, when you say "I'm muslim" everything changes and turns up-side-down, our best mate turns to your opponent. I had bad experiences surrounded by my highschool, they try to knife me, fights happen over 3 yrs, and cops and civil cops around where i live, in/around school, within class room, private teachers and more.....
but i didnt top saying "i'm not muslim"
those terrorists are not muslim as they speak they're, most of them KURDISH (95%), they kill people and enunciate "we send them next to GOD" - "As it say in Quran"
In Quran it says "piece, dont exterminate anyone, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO END 1 PERSON LIFE, IT'S MY JOB" as god says.
"Even, you're in period of war, don't kill any 1, even they're going to kill you" - bloodbath people is sin, you kill your self and relations around you, dont think you will go to subsequent to god, or heaven, NO.
You'll o to hell to burn.
And these people, show world that Muslim society are bad people, so i believe thats why USA, and UK empire hate us.
Racist Troll - reported for swearing, racism,sexism,threats to kill, terrorism.

Prev usernames - DarkSide,ElephantCastle,EalingLondon,Ost… LutonSandy,BillingamJonny,FlippinJeron… KingSamuel,RefugeeAsylumSeeker,Hollygu… It still isn't true however many times you say this munificent of thing. What's interesting me is the people who answer your question and say 'thanks for the two points", have they found somewhere we can spend our points?
Another given name another useless puerile racist question. Are you sitting there t*ssing yourself reading the answers. I suggest you gully your energies into something worthwhile. Have reported you YET AGAIN though. Just for the craic.
LollypOp --WTF are you on about? Chav is short for chavy a Romany word for child.
More and more I find people who ask question about racism are usually racist....

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