The sun reporting on that soldier who get hit within the obverse?

was he actually shot because it doesnt look resembling it 2 me
Typical Sun headline over hyping a bit of ricochet a relatively common occurrence.

That video be like a scene from Laurel and Hardy... Very unprofessional, someone should of been on that GPMG soon as 'man down' be called, regardless to what has happen to your oppo.
I have been stabbed and didn't feat like he did even though I had blood pumping out of my rib round up. I think he needs to man up, he with the sole purpose got 3 stitches, I got 8, and I enjoy seen smaller stitches in a leg of pork. I am sure in that are many braver soldiers than him, and hopefully he gets adjectives the stick he deserves.
Well you read "The Sun" I would never own up to that, I only watched the first minute as it bored me and I'd also read satisfactory of the 2nd rate journalism. Lima Coy is right a ricochet and no mistake. Source(s): been seen done
going again soon
over 20 years (infantry) still serving

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