Do you believe within the reunification of Ireland and the UK?

I think this would be a good model?
Do you live contained by Ireland?

If no...then your opinion doesn't situation.

Mine doesn't matter either, but I am against this because most Irish are.
The people of the Irish republic do not want to be bit of the UK. Therefore, I don't think they should be. It would only result in more problems and more trouble, if you take a country where most relations don't want to re-join the union, ignore their wishes, and trademark them part of the UK anyway. It would never be popular, and would probably not be a very well brought-up idea.
Why? So they can skirmish even more?

They are two separate sovereign states and it has been that track a long time now.
It really does not matter, so no it is up to the constituency of the Eire & the UK.

I know Eire had a vote on the EU. Source(s):… No I do not. The Irish are independent, and part of the EU, they appear happy with that. The IRA are rotten again SO I think the wisest move would be for Britain to pull out of the EU, verbs out of Ireland, and then the EU can be left to accord with the problem. The Irish don't like the English. The Scott's loathe the English even more. I think its time we pulled away from both. The union is not angelic for them, and its not good for us. I think that in that should be a massive referendum on the subject of the entire union. Now that the EU presents the opportunity for Independence EVERY body seem to want rid of England. I think if England allowed them all Independence and agree to the EU take them in.... consequently left the EU its self, then England could be one of the richest and most successful country's within the world.
I've got nil against this idea personally but i don't reflect there's any chance of the Irish being up for it so near that being the case i wouldn't want them contained by the UK if a good portion of them would be whining about it or worse. Also i conjecture they're even more screwed financially than we are so it'd cost a lot of money.
No. If you've been concerned to history at all these past 300 years you will know that the British and the Irish DO NOT grasp along very nicely. Source(s): I listen to plentifully of Irish Folk music. I think it would be good surrounded by many ways but there is too much history between the two country's for it to come to pass and the Irish people don't want it or they would have tried.
I see the silly trolls are out at play.

This is too foolish even to be cross about.

Go and read some history, and try to learn from it.
What do you mean,"reunification"?
The Irish people, along near the Welsh and Scots are a distinct and free people!
For hundreds of years they suffered torture,murder,burnings and starvation at the hands of the English Royal family and the Westminster parliament, driven on by religion!
Why on earth do you think they would want to "reunify" next to THAT?? Source(s): History You've asked this question before. Why do you ask again?
I strongly do not agree beside the reunification of Ireland and the UK. We in Ireland have wait long for a self-determined republic. This is a long way from a being an ethinic minority within a constitutional monarchy. Without recourse to history, to which I'm sure you have been and will be directed, it would be a unpromising move for Ireland presently, and the future.
No, it would just drag the UK down within more debt.
Ireland should be reunited as an independent country. Ireland was only fused with Britain due to the conquest and brutality of which we should be ashamed.

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