How fit do police hold to be? Do they bring back tested respectively year?

I'm not the fittest but was caught bu two police somewhere I shouldn't be and ran away straightforward enough. They chased me at the start but gave up pretty soon. I thought they would enjoy to do fitness tests. Do they?
Whenever I've see a police person here in London (and that's not often) they hold been obviously overweight but running around surrounded by cars and scrounging pizzas etc what else can we expect ?
If they're tested it must be on a stoutness scale. The police officers surrounded by my town alll weigh 250+ and we even had one shot because his bullet proof vest would not cover him properly due to his weight issues.
They don't have twelve-monthly fitness tests. The last time that they draw from tested is in the police academy. And because of their unions, they can't be fired for mortal fatter than pregnant hippos. I have seen some really huge, chubby cops in my city. They couldn't beat my one legged grandmother within a foot race.

You could have gotten away from those cops running backwards.

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