How long do parking fines later?

With many financial obligations within the UK (from debts/loans to outstanding tax payments) if the money hasn't been claimed surrounded by a certain amount of time, the amount is written off by statute.

Does this also apply to parking fines? After a certain length of time are they no longer able to chase you? If so, how long?
i dont know if this is any help, but i be watching a uk programme not to long ago about a man who had a parking fine which he couldnt afford to take-home pay and so had to leave the saloon because it had a clamp on the wheel and respectively day the fine wasnt paid or the coup¨¦ moved his fine went up and up,
he was combat the case that he had thousands to repay but couldnt afford it and the cost was always rising which ment he would never know how to pay it
does that make sense?? :)
If it's like the US, then you gain a warrant if you don't pay 'em.
Fines and court judgment typically have no statute of limitations. The money HAS been 'claimed' you freshly haven't complied.
UK - in attendance is a big diff in law here - if you go and get a ticket for parking on double yellows - that is a criminal offence, if, however, you bring a fine say, in Tesco car-park - thats civil and in attendance is a big difference. I have never yet remunerated for parking in a store car-park - because they have no permissible recourse against you - the car parks are managed by 3rd party and its to do with the contract between yourself, the owner of the land (Tesco) and the 3rd shindig car park management - its complex, but they can do NOTHING if you veto to pay. You can also contact the DVLA and find out how and why they got hold of your details - the DVLA unsophisticatedly sells your details to anyone and everyone. Google it for the UK and you will find out where you are safe and sound. Source(s): Personal

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