Why do empire allocate a Solicitors to be Executors of their Will ?

I've recently lost my Mum and in her Will she allocated her Solicitor to be Executor of her Will.
Now after almost four months - zilch has happened except I HAVE BEEN ASKED by this Solicitor to provide monies to see them to publish a Notice of Death in the National papers. Once this notice have been published one is supposed to wait 2 months to see if any Creditors form a claim. My mother never owed anyone a penny. I have refused on principal as surely the Solicitor should money for this out of Mum's estate ?
It was the worst thing my mother could of done - bless her. But I suppose an elderly woman - can easily be 'persuaded' or 'charmed' by a Solicitor after all - adjectives they want is money. The particular Solicitor that Mum dealt near has since retured so now a young at heart female clerk is dealing with on behalf of her boss - who if i obligation to speak to will charge me lb250 per hour !!
I suppose this isn't really a question - more of an angry statement for I know my Mum would never had wish for all this to be going on - or not going on.
It really depends on how confident you feel contained by handling the estate and how complex it is.

When my father died (I was 9) my mother was surrounded by a terrible state and his will was complicated by the reality that there was property gone to him in trust while grandma was still alive so this trust have to be included. She therefore used a solicitor.

When she died last year she departed a very simple will leaving everything to me and near me as executor.

It still took me a year to get the letters of admin as I really did not want to obverse it but it would have taken at least 3 or 4 months a moment ago to get everything valued for the inheritance tax form, even if you know it will be below the curb. It was not helped by the Probate Office mislaying one of the forms for 2 weeks
The foundation people still go to a solicitor is tradition
Once upon a time lawyer were considered to be an honourable profession but alas no longer
I'm vary sorry for your loss and can sense your frustration. My merely suggestion to you is that if you have concerns, speak to the Bar Association (or what ever it is called contained by your country). They regulate what lawyers/solicitors do and can address any concerns you have regarding how proper things are.

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