Do the police enjoy the right to pocket my property?

I'm a longboarder, and we are considered skateboarders by those outside of the culture but are outcasts with in it. I can confidently articulate that if you were to talk to a long boarder they would be pleasant and powerfully mannered, unlike the stereotype would suggest. One of the spots we skate a lot is on private property used by the public, but we've arranged with the owners that its okey for us to be at hand and we respect the road we use and people who use it. But often we will grasp members of the public who approach us on the offensive and own often tried to take our boards etc. We repeatedly get stick from people no issue where we are, but usual after they realise that we aren't 15 year old aggressive children we do admin to resolve the problem.

But my real question is who can and can't steal our property? Previously I've had people snatch our boards and put them into the boots of our cars, which be totally unnecessary and took a lot of talking to acquire it back, but can a police officer take our boards? This hasn't happen yet personally but I've see videos and heard that it happen often, our kit isn't cheap (set ups costing several hundred pounds).. I lately want to know my rights for if a situation was to happen.
if you really do respect the road and patrons of the parking lot as you enunciate you do without breaking any laws afterwards i believe the police should have no right whatsoever to take your boards. Source(s): .........i move, resembling a leaf!....... If you break the law after learn to suffer the consequences.

If no law is broken consequently sue for the return of your property. Source(s): life is really rather simple. Well, logically, people may not take away your property, that would be stealing, BUT in practice, it often comes down to, "who is the biggest?".

If you are competent to identify the person who has taken something from you, and report it to the Authorities, it should be possible to rest it or receive compensation for its value. However, at times, the Authority does not take any conduct for one reason or another, and you might have to ask a solicitor to pursue the event for you, privately. This will mean having some proof or witness statements that can support your claim and next you may, indeed be successful.

For practical reasons, I would suggest that if there you enjoy seen videos and hear of instances of this actually happening, you cause every attempt to find out the reason, and then use this analysis to avoid it scheduled to yourself.

I can understand, for example, that when a person insists that everyone on the bus is going to own to listen to rubbish sounds from his MP3 player, that another passenger might just feel close to grabbing it and throwing it out of the window, but by avoiding annoying others would travel some way to preventing loss of an MP3 player!

How do longboarders annoy others?
unless you hit somebody with it they cant take it
The police can steal property in certain controlled circumstances:
If it is illegal (ie drugs) - clearly not the case here.
If they own reasonable suspicion that a crime has be committed and that you are involved. In which case they can take property that may be evidence. But this would be, for example, for forensic carrying out tests that your board was used, not just because you ensue to have the board on you. If property is taken you are entitled to it back once proceedings are over.

No-one else is entitled to hold your property, even the owner of the land that you are on. The best he can do is ask you to leave and to pilfer your stuff with you. Anyone else would be risking a charge of theft if they embezzle your stuff - and you would probably be justified in using passable force to prevent someone from taking it.
If a person breaks the regulation, the Police can take the property invilved in the crime for evidence. That might be have your car impounded, your computer taken , your drugs, your board. If you are found innocent in court you procure it back.
Obviously dont be a smartass first of all. If the police thieve your board because you've commited a crime tell them you need to board for evidence within any case they may bring against you and that if they remove it they're tampering next to evidence.

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