What is an unsatisfied judgement surrounded by a court travel case?

im trying to find out about a company whom has get 750 pounds of mine and will not give it back in a minute im taking them to county court but have found out that the same company have a claim against them from liverpool court i have the case number and date it be made but against the status it says unsatisfied judgement? can anyone tell me what this way and is there anyway i can view this other covering in full withthe case number?
Unsatisfied simply technique that they have not paid the money that the court ordered it to take-home pay in that case.

Contrary to another answer, this does not necessarily imply that the company does not have any money. That might be one reason not to income, but it could be that the debt is recent and they have not got around to paying it but. Enforcement action is not automatic so it could be that the claimant in that valise has not chased the debt. It would be that the debt has be paid, but no-one has told the court. It may be, if the company is a bit slack, that the judgement have been entered contained by default so they don't know about it on the other hand, and the claimant does not realise he has to enforce so he is just waiting for the money to arrive.

If this is a ltd company you can (for a fee) look at their accounts on the companies house net site, which will tell you whether they are worth suing or not.
It means unpaid.
There is no public transcript, although you can arrange for one to be done via company call Smith Bernal. It's very expensive and really not worth it.

An unsatisfied judgement is one which remains outstanding - in other words the company have failed to pay the sum ordered by the court.

It usually funds they have no money. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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