Do you trust the Conservatives to look after those who are most vunerable contained by our nation?

"Chancellor George Osborne is gearing up for a fresh assault on the poor and vulnerable after announcing plans to slash essential welfare payments to disabled people and their family."…
God helps them who comfort themselves. Source(s): Is it a coincidence that liberals are dependent on Government handouts, and adult diapers are called Depends? Good for him!
I hear poor Prince Charles is taking a bit of a hit too.
Can't play at one Greece now can you?
Oh resourcefully!

That's all right then.

If it's surrounded by the Morning Star, it must be true.

I'll run off and buy one right away!

After all, I am running a bit low on toilet treatise.
I trust private charities, who actually care, fairly than the government, which generally doesn't.
I would trust them to get millions stale the dole, unlike Labour.
I hold seen more cuts under Liebour than I ever saw lower than Tory despite all the billions of my tax more poured within over the years under Blair and Brown.

Inspite of the spin and media rubbish, I hold seen dirty hospitals become the norm in recent years and 3rd world NHS safekeeping under a Labour Govt. Soz, but you cannot trust Labour to do anything but spend money on no real improvements. Much of the money have been spent on non-job over the last 13 years.
They will do their best but since Labour have created such a mess of the public finances then everybody will have to suffer including the poor and the disabled
Yes as it seems they think its single the politicians and bankers who are the most vulnerable. As for the rest of us they couldn't care smaller amount. After all we don't have moats to enjoy cleaned on politicians expenses we pay for.

Could it be that some of this is sour grapes as they have be having to pay rear the expenses they stole through expenses?(sorry broke the rules they made up for themselves)
It is clear from many of the answers to this question that some race are still arrogantly or misguidedly blaming Labour for all sorts of rubbish. I dont know how long it will take for those anti Labour family to understand that it was the greedy BANKERS that put this country into the mess it is immediately in. If those Conservative voting bankers had not gamble with our money and if America had not lent to populace who had not a cat in hell's unpredictability of paying back, then the world recession would not enjoy happened.

The know it all culture who are in full time work and earning a clad salary are always the first to condemn the without a job and tar them all next to the same brush, regardless of the fact that the majority, and not the minority are legitimate claimants. I hope with all my heart that those culture who are quick to criticise the unemployed and call upon them ALL scroungers end up unemployed themselves and a moment ago let us see how much they whinge when they enjoy to live on benefits. They criticise for two reasons. One is that they are jealous of general public who are given money without having to work for it and they need they could do the same. The second is that they feel that their own taxes is paying for it. Well they are wrong on both counts. In lay down to get unemployment benefit you want to have contributed to National Insurance and if you have not, afterwards you do not get unemployment benefit. Those on this benefit arethose who hold paid into it, therefore it is their right.

As for the Tories looking after the nation most vulnerable - forget it. They look after their own wealthy companions and specifically it. The rest go to rot.

One contributor really made me laugh next to her answer. The Tories give people job while Labour creates unemployment. FACT - under the closing Tory Govt 3.5 million unemployed. Fact, Tories said that unemployment be a price worth paying to reduce inflation. Fact, the Tories are cutting the budget by up tp 40%. How plentiful jobs is that going to create? Answer (FACT) none at all, if certainty it will put thousands if not millions more on the dole.
It's easy to see how you return with your information, reading a "comic".
The genuine benefit claimants have zilch to fear. It's the lazy, work-shy, bone-idle scroungers who own been content to live on benefits who need to verbs.
As "Malin view" pointed out, the people in his locality are poor and vote Labour, or are they poor because they vote Labour ??
I trust Conservatives about as little as I do BP.

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