What do you ponder of the following Article "Texas Nationalists plan to Sue Mexico for return of Alamo flag?

It's just an article I came across.
“It have been known for some time that the Mexican rule is in possession of the true Alamo flag and many other artifacts capture during their invasion of Texas and we want them back,” TNM president Daniel Miller said. “We are going to initiate the suit in federal court and will appeal to the International Court of Justice contained by The Hague if necessary.” “Mexico has a history at thumbing their trunk at Texas, as much as our own Federal Government,” Miller said. “This is proof that the TNM is as concerned with tyranny across the Rio Grand River as we are the Red River. This is about accountability to the Texan population.”
Miller added that this is the first in a series of planned actions to turn pay for the tide of encroachment from Washington, D.C. and Mexico City.

“Texans have always revered their inimitable culture and history, and we have two federal governments working against us, trying to erase it,” he said. “The Texas Nationalist Movement is committed to the preservation of the individual culture and history of Texas, and we’re going to do that.” "Lomax’s article concludes: “Probably one day the remains of the Alamo flag will make the long trip hindmost across the Rio Grande. But before an exchange can take place two change in consciousness will have to run place: the Mexicans will have to come to terms near what they did, and failed to do, during their time as sovereigns north of the river. (They will, in short, hold to get over the loss of their northern territories.)” Answers:
share you what you give them their land pay for and they will give you your flag back huh..

nope thought not..

American museums are full of foreign stuff so I wouldn't verbs that one if I was you or you might have to offer it all back.. Source(s): wow newly read the link lol there's a Texas independence movement.. Not much in attendance are many more important issues that involve to be addressed.
What about afghanistan...dance and sort that out first yankee doodle dandy Source(s): Everyone in the world who thinks america is crap. No one might approaching it, but that's the way it works. They won the battle. To the first past the post goes the spoils.

Do you think we would return their flag or other facts if the situation be reversed?

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