Ive only just submitted my application to marry the army.. what will take place from here and how long does it purloin?

To be a bit more specific i meant like what types of test, interviews and things do you have to do and in what lay down.. thanks in mortgage for any help you can give me, i of late want to be prepared.
Your recruiter will schedule you to take the asvab. After that, you will be sent to meps for a physical, environment check that includes fingerprinting, job counseling and negotiate contract. You will probably be scheduled to appropriate the asvab pretty quickly but I have hear that it is taking longer for recruiters to get people to meps because adjectives branches are pretty healthy with citizens right now.
No Drama was on point. They'll transport you to take the ASVAB pretty quickly. Sometimes you whip the ASVAB and they put you up in a hotel that night to convey you to MEPS the next day. I took the ASVAB 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting to step to MEPS. If you have to wait it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. At MEPS you'll choose your MOS and consequently depending on availability you ship off to basic. That could be anywhere from a week to almost a year.
initial interview, aptitude examination, medical, eye test, fitness test, another interview, 2 daylight selection course in the Army nouns centre and if you successfully get through this you will switch on phase 1 training. the time between each stage can rage from 2 weeks to 1 month usually, it sometimes go even faster for lucky applicants. Source(s): applied for Royal Marines

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