Have the police gone too far next to number plate reader?


Apparebtly these devices can film a car a second and pile number plate info next to photographs of the driver and passenger. I thought the police were supposed to protect us not spy on us. Have they gone too far with monitoring us? What is subsequent?
It is a sign of the times my friend. When people can not controls themselves, afterwards the government takes over. More crime, more control. Hay don't verbs, next comes mico chips planted into you, and you won't even know it.
They just deployed that here in America... I don't safekeeping, because I don't break laws.... so, yeeeaaaah annnnyway.

The one's here in Colorado work at highway speeds and are higher than a few police cruisers, so far.

(The taking photos of the driver and passenger is a bit strange, I don't think they do that here...)
It can be a total pain. My local ASDA innards station uses ANPR and I was denied fuel as it thought my car have been involved in a drive away. This miffed me as it hadn't and I'd merely spent lb50 in their poxy supermarket. The simple solution was to seize my petrol elsewhere. JET Garage 1, ASDA 0.
If an uninsured, not permitted driver drove into you causing serious injury or death to occupant would you not have wished that he could enjoy been stopped by police before he get to you?
It's human nature. Every well intended behaviour always has impossible guys around to use it for ill.
When it comes to stopping cretins who think they don't need to charge, test and insure their cars, I don't think it go too far at all.

Why should I pay to maintain my car legal when others don't - if you can't afford to clear you should be taking the bus.
The only people who would mistrust this are criminals. We always hear from them, don't we. "Dey be profilin' us an' $#*%!"
If you ain't done nowt wrong whats the verbs ?
They arent spying. They are seeing if your car is not stolen and you hold it registered.
I think they do a great errand catching, amongst other things, illegal drivers. If everyone paid their duty and insurance like they were supposed to, insurance premiums would be cheaper. I muse ANPR cameras are a great boon to catching these idiots.
Those who have nothing to stash, have nothing to verbs about. They're not spying on people for voyeuristic purposes, they're catching criminals. I don't see the issue.
Great technology for recovering stolen cars.
David Rockefeller and his banking and oil buddies want to know who is driving down their streets so they can arrest anyone who won't adopt the New World Order. That will be next.
Right after this:
The potential for abuse is frightening. THe government is becoming more intrusive by the time.
Do you really trust "big brother" to let him watch you adjectives the time?
Thats nothing they throw x rays at cars coming in from the border
Using them to catch nation who are breaking traffic laws is acceptable but the documents from people who are not should be destroyed as soon as the fact they are legally recognized drivers is verified. They should not be used to track the movement of people. An exception could be made for people who are hard by the scene a crime so might be a suspect.
Actually it is a good cost saving device.
As for taking photos of drivers, I utter yeah!
I had sold a car to someone, who have not registered it in their name all the same.
But the car was caught speeding, I get the ticket and a photo.
The photo proved it was not me driving.
Yes they have, but this is adjectives part of Big Brother, in this Country.
Where the state watches your every move, you see we live surrounded by a democratic dictatorship. We vote them in they control everything we do!
Some crafty Americans have found a approach around it. There's spray that you can put on your license plate that prevents those devices from being able to read the plate. http://www.spytown.com/phsprephrafl.html… I'm not sure why you're worried in the order of the cameras if you're not doing anything wrong. But now you know that there's a way around it. Source(s): http://www.spytown.com/phsprephrafl.html

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