How to call a halt a contract specifically silent on the issue of termination?

The contracts simply lists the parties involves, the humour of the services , the annual costs and the initial contract period.all done contained by a very simple way. We currently hold 5 months left but are starting to experience difficulties paying.
with such a document, is at hand any known legal grounds underneath English law which would allow us to get out of it in a minute?

No mention is made of the issue of early termination..

Your help will be greatly appreciated

The contract will be for the Initial Contract Period, so you are tied into it for a further five months.

If you are contained by difficulties, talk to the other party to see if you can negotiate an impulsive termination - they may settle for getting some money rather than your defaulting.
A commonplace contract requires both parties to perform their division of the bargain. Any deviation or failure is a breach which could organize to the other side taking action. Occasionally a contract allows one or both sides to terminate it below certain conditions, which can be anything agreed by the parties. If a contract be for an ongoing service, but did not mention how it could be terminated then either here will be an implied term that it can be terminated on either side giving credible notice, or the whole agreement will be negated for uncertainty. What is reasonable depends on adjectives the circumstances.

But in your case you specifically mention an initial time, so you are clearly bound until that point. Does it mention renewal, or continuing after the initial period? If so, you terminate by making it clear you do not want to renew. If there is no mention of renewal then the contract ends after the initial interval. However, if you were to carry on consequently it would most likely be implied that you had agreed a tentative contract, probably on the same terms as the previous one.
You simply continue five months.

\The contract has a term. It will expire at the closing of the term. If there is no termination clause, that money terminating it early would be a breach.

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