What would arise if Brits refuse to payment FINES for breaking rules on rubbish bins?

Figures obtained by The Sunday Telegraph have revealed that local authorities issued more than 1,240 fixed cost notices last year for breaking rules on recycle and putting out rubbish.

Councils are issuing fines of up to lb110 for such infringements as putting their bins out for collection at the wrong time, over filling bins, or putting recycling into the wrong boxes.

That compares to the lb80 spot fines that can be issued by police to general public caught shoplifting.

The controversial rules have be condemned as "draconian" and are deeply unpopular with householders.

So,...my give somebody the third degree is this:

"What would happen if the British People decided en mass to "ignore" these fines and stay away from to pay?"


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im all for it. its outrageous obnoxious money grab theft. and its usually done by labour run councils. i never hold bin problems where i live but i still object to this robbery .theres far too much of this type of article going on.we should have a mass protest. im sure camerons government will agree that its wrong.
protests can be made here


im sick to departure of being ruled regulated and watched.
Its one of the Nanny State operatives the finishing government (the government of the people) introduced which the bureaucrats,the Jobsworth surrounded by councils grabbed in demand to harass the public and frighten the elderly.
Hopefully this government will abolish this foolish system and have promised to do so,so perhaps at hand will be no need for people to pinch the law into their own hands, although within my opinion they have every right to with-hold the fines.

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