What's the court age too...?

So i live in the UK and i don't intend on running away, but what is the legal age to vacate the country and work/live in another country on your own but with parent's consent?? or do i hold to wait till i'm 18? thanks (:
You're not considered an adult until you're 18, so the amount of travel and work you can begin reflects this.

If you're planning on doing a runner then dawdle until you're at least 18, maybe even 19.
Just don't come to U.S.A. be in so much trouble It hurts.
We allowed our son to travel abroad to live and work (as a volunteer) at the age of 16. He went to Madagascar. However, looking realistically at the situation, it is hugely difficult to travel abroad to work before you are 18, as you can't depart a bank account, sign a lease or rental agreement, etc. etc.
Well, respectively country has their own laws roughly working age, living on your own etc, so it would probably depend on which country you intend to live in.

Someone said that you're not legally an mature until 18, that's not true depending on where abouts in the UK you live. In Scotland, you're classed as an full-size once you turn 16.

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