Is this a Breach of the Peace surrounded by Scotland?

Someone I know was recently detained and arrested for a Breach of the peace. In the police station they be searched and found to be in possession of a speck of paper with a diagram of a fastener bomb. Also there were passwords for completely endorsed and unconnected websites ( this was the primary use for this paper). Now is possession of this information, written down or otherwise dubious and if so how?
simply put, Yes.
If the police want to hold a person for a while and haven't got any authentic evidence to hold them, then they just hold them on a breach charge, they'll probably be held overnight and later a report will be sent to the PF, who will decide on whether or not to prosecute.
They could be detained for 28 days under the prevention of terrorism accomplishment, for a start. A breach of the peace is usually shouting your gob off when your pissed up, or pissing in a dustbin after a skinful on the town, or screaming incessantly that you are going to kill your missus at three o'clock in the morning
Why are you befriend terrorists? Why would anyone want to help you?

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