Can you grasp a criminal journal for camp contained by the woods inside a public nouns?

Ok so i want to go to a campout with my friends contained by the woods around a residential area although not to close to any houses. I was only just wondering could i get a criminal record if the police take called. There will be possible underage drinking also!
if your in the UK
your not breaking any laws if the police come adjectives they can do is tell you to move
as for drinking there is no imperative against drinking again all the police can do is take the booze rotten you
but if you go in the woods capably away from any-ones home why would anyone phone the police.
just be very extraordinarily careful if your drinking and having a military camp fire, fire, tents and drunk kids do not mix once you go to sleep in your tent/ tents bring in sure you put the camp fire out
two friends of mine where immensely very badly adjectives coz they had the tent to close to the camp fire.
they get drunk and fell asleep in the tent but the wind changed direction and blew burning coals onto the tent.
so please have a good time but don't thieve any chances with fire Source(s): my organizer it all depends on where you are, contained by England it all depends on who owns the land as they might do you for trespassing but within Scotland you would be ok as there is no trespass law but you would return with done for underage drinking in either country especially if you be drunk and lighting fires. although you would probably just get a qualification and taken home to you parents for that.
unlikely on both counts, probably just a alertness.
You have answered your own query.
"there will be possible underage drinking also".
Also, it's not safe to military camp in woods. Tree's fall. It's not impossible for it to crash on your tent and kill or seriously injure you, and yes it is illegal to military camp there in the first place. Use someones spinal column garden, it's a lot safer.
Depends on the classification of the public land. If its Common Land it is normally decriminalized to camp on it, if its not Common Land, then it will probably be technically wrong to camp there, but as long as your not cause any trouble most people will just turn a blind eye, and its outstandingly unlikely you will get a criminal record or even a wariness. If caught underage drinking the police will just confiscate the booze and tell you to verbs, but again its unlikely any further action will be taken. Source(s): Ive done a lot of "rampant camping" as its known, both legal and not so lawful, never had any issues, but i always do it within very secluded rural areas where on earth nobody goes, never done it near any residential areas since. Just be careful, dont do anything noisy or disruptive and you should be fine.

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