lb300 what will it buy you?

2 weeks rent surrounded by a tiny little horrible old flat/apartment :o(

I work so hard, and I am disappeared poor each month because people are unscrupulous and grip to the banking rules who in turn cause the landlords unhappy because they have to charge so much newly to pay the banks backbone the loans/mortgages.

I am sick to death of it, and it must stop! We should all combine and dismiss the banks and lenders and look after one another as in an great egalitarian communistic model.
3,000 penny sweets
L300 is equal to $1.453 dollars so x 300 =$435.90
How about a unusual set of tires for the ol Caddy.
Ten minutes and a cup of tea with a Duchess --- or adjectives night with a elegant gal who'll treat you like a Duke. You choose. Source(s): I did and I think I made the wrong decree :-) 2 months maintenance for my daughter, my 1st priority.
Any number of things - what a stupid question basically.
A PlayStation 3 console

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