Should Britain disband it's military?

Like Costa Rica?

Or be like Japan and just enjoy a small self-defence force for NECCESSARY times, and not just to deploy to random countries so we can carry oil and other economic resources.

I ruminate so too, so we can't go around commiting warcrimes with Big Brother USA.
.outdated knows all say: We can't afford it. If the USA is so desperate to maintain its colonies in the Middle East and nurture its oil addiction, let them spar their own wars.
So we should have only left Britain alone when they cried for help within WWII? Well if we had you would be speaking German or Russian, and the Lusitania wouldnt have sink, because it was sending aid to Britain.
So Japan has a SMALL self shield force. Your ignorance is only matched by your naivety
I believe Britain wishes its military because it is one of the oldest and most influential countries in the world. Sure it made a mistake going into Iraq but it still needs its military for other peacekeeping missions (i.e. preventing genocide). Britain is a pacesetter in peacekeeping and they need a military to hang on to up this role.
This is a stupid idea.

I'd fairly have to deal near a potential threat in the streets rather than contained by my own home where he can kill my relations as well.

If you don't destroy a threat outside of the country, he will come into your country and verbs it.
Do you know why the Japanese only have a "defense force"? Because the American Military is the Japanese Military. And Costa Rica doesn't inevitability a military because it's on the American continent. Anyone invading Costa Rica would be de facto invading America.

Any other peace loving nations you'd like to mention? Ones that are contained by actual danger of invasion or incursion, that isn't protected by American servicemen?

Perhaps the next time a silly man on the European continent decides to eradicate an ethnic group(it's been almost 20 years very soon, you're about due), maybe you can pilfer care of it yourselves for once. You wouldn't want us committing war crimes would you.

What argot are you currently speaking Lass? I'm pretty sure it isn't German, and you can thank "Big Brother" for that too.
Maybe you should disband adjectives hope of losing your virginity. Source(s): Fkin hippy No way, there would be no point to us even existing as a country if we lately make our presence pointless.
Stop hitting the peace pipe. It is diminishing what is gone of your bottom of the barrel intelligence.

Anyways, you and I both know you want Ray. Your hippie turd boyfriend isn't a real man.
As always you could do with some more research into your request for information, if you had mentioned Iceland (which has no standing army) next it may well have be a better example. However you seem to have little to do excluding "bash" the military on this forum I'll bet your teachers think your a material hoot at school too!

You know nothing of the world. There are citizens out there who would rape you just to study you scream and cry, and then destroy you when they get bored. So, sure, disband your army, invite said people over, and next we won't be seeing you on this site anymore, and the world might be just a little better.
ya if your stupid
countries can afford to be poorly defended if they think America will come to their rescue when anything bad happen, in the future it will be a globalized military that take over defense duties from the US, and nation states will be prohibited by the world government from having a local military.
By being in Iraq and Afghanistan, Great Britain is also defending themselves. Don't expect Haji wouldn't strike the U.K. By defeating the terrorists in the sand box they're keeping the U.K. safer.
lol... you're full of great ideas almost day after day.

My favorite was those naked hugs for soldiers you be offering. Were those with or without access?

Edit: Are you referring to the Japanese Self Defense Force that deployed to Iraq in 2004 or a different one?

Edit: 28... but 50 year olds need "hugs", too.
**** rotten you hippie!
The British Armed Forces directly make use of 240,000 men and women, and tens of thousands of defence-related jobs also rely on the military being one of the finest within the world.
More than a quarter of a million more unemployed would really help out this country, I'm sure. What roughly speaking our long-standing peace commitments in Sierra Leone, Cyprus and Kosovo?
What about protecting the race of the Falkland Islands from the menaces of Argentina?
What about protecting the British people from the ever-present threat of international terrorism?
You's trollin'

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