Why do the majority of empire go amiss to see the bigger picture immediately?

It is this that allows politicians to do what they do
people enunciate they don't trust politicians but people generally believe everything they're told.
Yes that's why they force the false dichotomy of the two body system on us in the USA.
Apathy is an illness caused by over exposure to box...have you ever noticed that the most informed folks are the ones that DONT watch a lot of tv?

Some of us are aware.
One person's "bigger picture" is another person's irrelevant detail.
its called republican denial. as if they have no responsibility during Reagan, during Bush I, during Bush II, thats why were in this mess. Source(s): when one fail to see the problem, where they went wrong, it will never seize resolved. Because they are distracted and deliberately so.
Why do family ask questions so nebulous they are rendered meaningless ??
It's the same frail story they promise you earth then when they receive in they put up there wages and do what they want. I must allow this is the fairest government we have have for a long time. The genuine needy will be looked after, but those that enjoy taken liberty will be sorted. There is still a long way to shift. The law should be looked at. What is it they say do as the romans do contained by other words if you come to this country you should abide by rules and regs if not then everything including your law from home should apply. All that is being achieve as hard as it or may become is to build a better britain on a sure footing. Giving us all hope for the adjectives. Source(s): tv radio newspapers and talking to race on there views.

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