If anonymity is ever revoked for sperm donors, should they be given the right to apply for access ?

to any children they might have helped conceive?
My mate got in touch near his sperm donor father but he turned out to be a complete wanker.
no they should not
Not sure what either would do
The Sperm Donor shouldn't have their name set. There should be a number assigned to them for the sake of medical information and history, since we realize how important genetics are, but the mother shouldn't know who they are. If she needed to know then she should have picked a guy up at the stick. IF they can't have their anonymity anymore then they should be allowed to petition the court to be a sector of the child's life including visitation or custody. It's the only agency to be fair to them.
Benefits should work both ways.

If a child is allowed to find out who his sperm donor father is, after the father should be able to find out who the child is.

If the father wants contact beside the kid, then the father should be willing to foot child support.
Like I said on ur last question , single when thy become of age , but why would thy ? It is placed there for a reason ( Anonymity ) ! To both protect the child , and the donor .
I for one own seen these questions u are asking ! In a obedient friend of mine I grew up with , She found out when she turned 18 that she was conceived near donner sperm , and she did dig to find out who her biological father was . It be an obsession of hers , but she never found out because thy are a sealed report , and now she is a mess ! Some times things should be left alone . Do u work out sweetie ? Source(s): Smiles & Hugs for you :o) XXXX I cannot see why not =- although mechanics are involved - lets be honest here - sperm and egg come from man and woman.

I cannot see why they cannot be allowed - and in the process you enjoy stated, that will open a legal can of worms.

Just satisfactory for lawyers to exploit.

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