UK: where on earth can i preserve abreast of change surrounded by the statute, at a stage where on earth the outcome can still be artificial? muslim?

attacks on freedom of speech, closing down debate, exploiting/promoting blasphemy and hate speech laws are things that i am becomingly increasingly concerned nearly, and i want to get up to speed with and maintain up with changes to the imperative in this field, at an rash enough stage where i and others can still affect the outcome.
i get the impression that under the shield of multiculturalism and the protection afforded by the climate of political correctness that the people employed within the legal profession are subject to, has allowed unshakable changes to the law to creep within virtually unnoticed by the wider public.....and they only get to hear/read roughly speaking it when the law has in truth been changed, and the wider public is not consulted and doesnt get the opportunity to discuss the merits of meaningful and fundemental changes to the law which enjoy the potential to affect freedom of speech and expression.....including being able to freely criticise anything and everything so long as incitement to sternness is not involved.
1) Blasphemy is in the eye of the beholder. The UK isn't going to prevent anyone from making you feel unpromising.

2) Hate speech is, and should be illegal.

The public isn't "consulted" before a imperative is passed, it's "consulted" at the polling place - you give your opinion by voting. If you want to conversion the law, vote for representatives who believe as you do - that's how it works in a parliamentary nation. If you want the right to force others to hug to your beliefs, move to a theocracy. The UK isn't about to trample on the rights of others because you have unmistaken beliefs that you want the government to help you force on others.

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