Bailiffs Acting Illegally?

I have had a few visit from a Bailiff over charges levied on a Council Tax debt which I paid sour last year. When I settled the amount of lb700, I was told that the charges would be waive.

I settled last August/September and they started chasing again this April/May. When I received a Final Notice through my door, I called the company and said that I have already settled. They denied that the bailiff in charge waived his excise (and no longer works for the company) and I now had to in half a shake settle the full charges of lb250. They would not accept instalments or a payment plan.

I told them I be not going to pay and have since received an alternative Final Notice (which had some other random debtors credit card details scribbled on the support!!) and two warnings handwritten on the back of a blank envelope.

It's clear that the bailiffs of this Debt Collection Company are crude and unprofessional, but surely this is also wrong?
Sounds like they are trying it on. They are definitely breaking the regulation with their actions.

I found this on the National Insolvency website. Might be favourable.

The conduct of levies

'Unlawful force' should not be used to enter any premises
If the Police are called to business with a breach of the peace, their presence must be explained including that they are not there to relief with the levy
If the only personality present is or appears to be under 18, the agent must depart, but may ask when the debtor will be home. If the only people at home are children under the age of 12, the agent must simply leave.
Bailiffs should avoid so far as is practicable avoid disclosing the purpose of their pop in to anyone who is not the debtor. Relevant documents should be left in a hermetically sealed envelope addressed to her/him
Visits should ideally only be made between 6am and 9pm (or any time that the debtor is conducting business). Visits should not give somebody a lift place on Sundays, Bank Holidays, Good Friday or Christmas Day, unless legislation or a Court permits this. Respect for other religions and cultures should be upheld, and visits avoided on appropriate festival and holidays.
Goods that are clearly those of a child should not be seized
Bailiffs should take all possible steps to satisfy themselves that the value of produce seized is proportional to the debt and charges owing
When goods are removed, receipts should be given to the debtor
Debtors must be notified of fees on respectively visit and of the fees that will be incurred if further action take place
Copies of the NSEA should be available from the offices of the agencies, from the agents on request and if possible from the creditors themselves
There are no sanction for non-compliance with NSEA but agents are required to operate complaints and disciplinary procedures.
Further details
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How can I complain nearly a bailiff?
Depending on the type of complaint you want to make, you can complain to the person who instructed the bailiff, for example a local authority, the county court (if the bailiff is certificated or a county court bailiff) or a trade association. See below for how to bring back help making a complaint.
Most private bailiffs will also belong to a trade association, all of whom hold complaints and grievance procedures you can use. The main trade associations are the Certificated Bailiffs Association (CBA) and the Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies (ACEA).
CBA can be contacted by writing to:
c/o Ridgefield House
14 John Dalton Street
M2 6JR
tl: 0161 839 7225
ACEA can be contacted by writing to:
Chesham House
150 Regent Street

t: 0207 432 0366
f: 0207 432 0516

e: sec(a)
Always keep copies of post and evidence you send. Source(s): Disgraceful - they are trying one on - write to your Local Authority and state that you wish to confirm the debt have been paid contained by full, then include the fact that the Debt collectors they enjoy used have tried to extort further monies from you. If you have have no 'walking possession' these collectors can't do anything - you could also report them to their National Assoc - not sure who that is - try googling it. In future - other make arrangements to pay directly near the creditor - the LA is duty bound to accept to clar the debt. Ignore this from the collection agency but make sure you write to LA to check. Source(s): Finance/HR/Legal and ex Revenue

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