Did America win the Vietnam time of war?

I'd like to see how many Americans believe they won the Vietnam period of war
on paper we have never lost a period of war i dont believe. battles yes wars no.

realistically, we suffered various losses so even in victory you cannot call upon us victorious

and what nationality are you?
Didn't win, didn't really lose. We cut a deal with the north that should own preserved the freedom of the south. Then we left. Sadly like adjectives things leftist they are scumbag liars and invaded the south. Technically South Vietnam and freedom lost that war.
I'm English not American and I always thought that America won it, but after studying it surrounded by history I have come to the conclusion that nobody won it... If anyone did I think that it would be the Vietnamese because they defeated the American soldiers beside their guerilla tactics and all of that. Source(s): GCSE History classes No country won that stupid period of war and the US went home with its tail between its legs.
There wasn't really anything to win. We won every military engagement, but lost the political war. It was resembling trying to keep the tide from coming in. However you want to set down that is up to you.
America most plainly lost the war. The US did not truly lose from a military sense but they failed to pull off all of their goals which constitutes a loss. The NVA/Vietcong did not own the US on the run as some would have you believe. The US lost 58K troops as anti the NVA/Vietcong who lost 1.1 million. Truthfully the Vietcong/NVA were just such a much more determined rival who were willing to be in motion to any lengths to win the war. America be not and it cost them in the end. It's foolish to give the brush-off how against the war most Americans were. That really did play a cog in it.
No!The United States of America manifestly lost the Vietnamese War.
They were outclassed and out fought
No amount of John Wayne films can change that piece of history..
Can you stand the truth from a vet who was there. I flew choppers from 1969 to 1971 and i can enlighten you that short of nuking the North we stood no chance at all of prizewinning. You only have to see the footage that be on the TV news to see that we got kicked out of Nam. Its no use pretending that we could own or that we did win, we lost. Perhaps you are too young to remember the tv coverage of our last days contained by Nam but the tanks were at the gate of the American Embassy as helicopters were trying to evacuate people. We did not take off peaceably, we got kicked out and it hurt.The problem was that we be fighting a war of attrition and the viet cong be fighting a war of maneuvers. We be dumping thousands of tons of bombs but they were not there, they stage management around someplace else.The same thing happened contained by Korea, we got forced back to the 49 parallel and we sued for an armistice, not them . I regret to speak about you that war is not as the movies show it, where we are the tough guys and other kick ****, the other side kick backbone. We always show that we have fantastic military capability but I tell you most of the infantry in nam wish they had AK 47s instead of the M16s which were other jamming up. We have to see history from all sides not purely how our historians want to show it.
Americans lost miserably. They failed to verbs communism in vietnam, failed to let go south vietnam from becoming communist plus they lost the battle. So they have lost and several americans do know that, they are just too cocky to admit it. We have americans on a visit to us about the vietnam time of war and our teacher was explaining to them how they lost the vietnam period of war, but they accused her of being rude, but she be merely stating the facts.
We were victorious and thought the south army could handel it themselves but they couldn't so after we turned the war over to them they ran similar to cowards and surrendered to the north . OH and btw it wasn't tech. a war it was a police exploit . Source(s): documentry I'm not American, but have lived in the US for the finishing 16 years. Considering I'm only 22, I have be there for the vast majority of my natural life.

No, the US did not win the Vietnam War, and anyone that says so is an idiot. Considering that Saigon fell to the commies shortly after the troops left/were leaving, I'd read out the only positive thing that come from the war was the counterculture movement (if one considers that positive) and its music.

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