How can the British Government assert this?

With regard to the Pope's forthcoming four day drop by to the UK.

Quote 'The costs for the visit have soared. Lord Patten said that the Government would enjoy to pay between lb10 to lb12 million for the state aspects of the visit instead of the innovative lb8 million. This does not include policing costs..'…
It can't so what it should do is the put an end to the visit and tell the Catholics who want the call in that it is now a private one and that they should make the essential arrangements and pay for them. After all the Roman church is the richest contained by the world so a few million won't cripple them.
I approaching how you put the words government and justify within the same sentence without the words "will never" or "cannot" between them.
The costs have soared because they were underestimate in the first place. This is a tricky one - ideally this visit would be purely a situation for the catholic church, but it can't be because the pope is a secular head of state as well, so here are implications for diplomacy and the government have to get involved. Meanwhile the British catholic church is making something of a pig's ear out of its own side of the organisation, which is possibly why government costs are going up. As of a month ago, they hadn't even booked any of the venue.…

I'm sure the Catholic Herald has an agenda of its own... the Editor in Chief, or at tiniest he used to be, is/was Damian Thompson, who is also Blogs Editor of the Daily Telegraph. He's written some rather scathing things roughly speaking the organisation of the visit on his own blog… , one of which I've already linked above.
Remember our government chucks lb35,000,000 a day into the fused states of Europe so lb12 million is small change to have his Popeness over for a bit of ground kissing. We also already hold a Pope Mobile so that should save a few quid.
It is another debt moved out behind by Labour. Gordon Brown invited him and promised we would pay the collateral costs. The option would be to cancel the call on and lose face across the whole Catholic world. The policing costs are going to be much better than the figures you are mentioning. I am sure Tony Blair and his wife will have a front row form.
Considering Brown invited him in 2009 and the estimated cost was afterwards lb20 million with no guarantee of church funding, what are you complaining about?
They can't ! The country is being asked to tighten it's belt, even so we are expected to pay for the security of the representative of the worlds riches organisation. No, tolerate the catholic church pay if he chooses to visit the U.K. After adjectives, this visit will only be welcome by catholics.
If you think about it too oodles people are to eager to snatch a weapon to sort out there problems tragic though it is and I suppose extra security be needed.
Hi it is sad that many inhabitants today on earth behave like soccer fan,even in the church,football is the only spectator sport that is played by 22 or so players,but watched by millions if billions. Unfortunately this massive spectators know how to shoot and score than the players on the pitch in quotes.
The grace of God teach us to put ourselves in the shoe of our fellow human beings before we find their walking style.What would you have done if you were within charge of the UK government?

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