I want apply for wedding visa can my fiance contained by England prepare the application form?

I want to apply for marriage visa for the UK. Can my fiance in England prepare the application form dispatch it to me and i bring it in to the UK embassy in America? Also what is a direct number within which i can reach the embassy for appointments? Thank you and as much info and experience would greatly help...Accurate info please.

I want to capture married in the UK to my Fiance who is British and in the UK.
Applications for Visa's within the USA are all online now.
You brand the application and then book the apppointment, taking along the paperwork/documentation needed when you attend.

This is a mirror of the US visa process in the UK.

So I guess he could riddle in the questionaire...
but not sure if you them save the output and print it.. .or what happen.
(not having done it)

But really, if you can't fill out a few online question and organise the neccesary (and simple) proofs of income, and statements of where to live... It is not difficult, and is designed to be done by ordinary relatives not highly trained lawyers or rocket scientists..

Process is here:
http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/doineedvisa… - do I obligation a (join family) visa
http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/ukvqr?redir… - see here (has help center contacts also)

http://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/Welcome.ht… - online application page
Marriage visa = you walk to the UK, get married then return home.
Fiance visa = you walk to the UK, get married, then stay and settle at hand.

Which one is it?

In the USA, YOU are the applicant. YOU have to apply online, from inside the US. (You fiance cannot apply online for you from inside the UK) You do not make an appointment. Okay this is how it go.
1) Make sure you have all your documents until that time you start this process, because once you start you won't have time to wait for him to dispatch you documents you need. (Link will be provided giving you details as to what documents you need)
2) Go to http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/applyonline… to apply online. In the USA all settlement visa's (fiance and spousal) are simply accepted online.
3) Once you have finished your online application, next print out the application. (Instructions will be given on when and how to do this)
4) Make your biometrics appointment as part of the application process.
5) Go to biometrics appointment.
6) After biometrics appointment, send contained by application you printed off, biometric information packet, and all documents to the British consulate that handle your state.
7) You may or may not be required to undergo an interview. If you are most of the time they can do a phone interview.

Processing times right now are between 8-12 weeks. No track to speed this process up. So be patient.
2 requirements you MUST have within order to get a marriage/fiance visa. BOTH of you MUST be 21 or elder.
You MUST have proof of actually update in person. (pictures are usually the best way)

You cannot telephone call and make an appointment. Days of being competent to just walk contained by with application in mitt are long over.

Here is the link I said I would provide. If you need any further assist or advice, email or IM me. (just click on my photo to go to my profile page..later click either email or IM me.)

Good luck
Donna Source(s): American citizen, lived in England for a while back I married my English husband. We now live in the US but are contained by the process of moving back to England next month. Son is a dual UK/US citizen. No. She will enjoy to do this in one of the Commonwealth Countries

I don't know the numbe, but you can try: +44(0)87 0351 0192 Source(s): I am a UK immigration officer. Troll, Chris why do you encourage these fools ?
I have merely filed the forms for my wife, all you do is progress here http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/ you can down load forms, get adjectives the fee and paperwork Information. It takes roughly 6 weeks.

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