Question for UK citizens: does Queen Elizabeth really serve any purpose contained by elected representatives?

I don't mean to offend, I be just curious.
The Queen has a number of powers which by convention she does not use - or exercises them on the counsel of the Prime Minister.
However should the government overstep the mark, as principal of state she commands both the army and the respect of her subjects.

In turn the Queen meets next to the Prime Minister weekly and is advised and gives counsel to the Prime Minister.

It must be remembered that the Queen's first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill, and she has met every US President since Truman.

The Queen lead the Commonwealth and was instrumental in it's nouns. The Commonwealth represents 30% of the worlds population.

Lastly the income from the Crown Estates to the UK Government was in 2009 lb226.5 million pounds, this compares to the civil register - the payment the Queen receives stern from the government of around lb8 million or about 62p per individual per year.

An elected head of state would not only cost much more, but would be bounded by pointless lacking the gravitas and experience of a Hereditary Monarchy. Where the heirs are effectively surrounded by training for a lifetime for the role. Source(s):… She will give her consent to bills passed from the House of Lords hence turning into a law.
Although she doesn't actively contribute (officially) within government, her 'people' keep a wary eye on what is going on and inform her.
She meets with the prime minister once a week where on earth he is obliged to justify the appointments of the government.
I for one, am not a flag waver when it comes to royalty but enjoy respect for the identity they give our country and furthermore - at this time of potential civil unrest am mighty glad that there is someone who can overrule the current establishment. She may not have done this before but if push comes to shove the royal bureau will need to call the elected representatives to account and this will determine the future of the rule.
The queen as a figurehead makes sure that good relations are maintain with other countries which then impact our country and the government.
Queen Elizabeth is our head of state. Her position as our Queen is principally ceremonial, thought she does perform certain substantial duties in the name of the British culture, such as the following:

No Parliament can form without her permission.
No Prime minister can give somebody a lift office without her say-so
The United Kingdom can not go to war minus her consent

She also serves in a role as an adviser to the policy. She's been our Queen for a long time and has seriously of experience in the role with dealing near other countries. She can provide good advice to the system on what course of action to take, if the establishment can not decide. Her advisement is taken seriously by the government due to her position as Queen and her experience contained by the role. Her advice can be rejected, but it is always kindness.

Long live the Queen
It means we don't own a politician as Head of State - which is good in my inference.

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