How repeatedly can you call in home within the military?

i want to enlist in the army.... but i want to know how often i will seize to see my family back home...
First of adjectives, Jub B's answer is very mean and did not answer your put somebody through the mill. Just another troll trying to get attention. By the way, I simply got back from Afghanistan and I do not work surrounded by a recruiting office...the military is what you net of it, it is your choice to join or not.

Anyway, you can visit home as habitually as you want. You get 30 days of leave (military residence for vacation days) a year to do with as you earn 2.5 days a month. You can run them just about anytime you want, you of late have to get it approved, which depends on your cuff of command. While you are deployed, you get 16 days of R&R leave, which is not chargeable anymore (it used to be, but isn't now)...and the 16 days of R&R does not included travel time. If you are not deployed, and help yourself to leave, then your travel time is included surrounded by the leave. Source(s): US Army MP wow, that top cont. is an idiot. Anyway, it all depends. You are given time after boot military camp to come home (usually), and as you progress, you will earn Leave time...just like any other post, you will put in your leave, if its permitted, you will be able to go home to see your relatives. My husband sees his family once a year and mine once a year. Good luck to you hon!! To be surrounded by the military is a great honor! Source(s): USMC Wife Jub B, how dare you. You're not even worth a response.

To Asker, you get a guaranteed 30 days of paid time off each year. Depending on your MOS, you'll also get one or two three-day weekends contained by a month (that might be good, depending on how close your duty station is to your family's home). Source(s): (American Army, not British, sorry) I am not sure about the Brits, but the US you obtain 30 days per year. I have known ethnic group who used their time as a series of long weekends for many months on end if you come about to be in a pretty much stationary MOS where the mission permit.

Others, such as Airborne Ranger and SF units who are constantly rotating call outs for fast deployment have limited window of opportunity for leave time and are even subject to have it canceled while they are on it.

In the Army, everything is relevant to what you are.
Don't listen to that retard Jub. It's population like that who don't have the ball to be in the military and would be speaking German or Japanese if it weren't for us. On active duty, you'll earn 30 days of remunerated leave per year. Most of my buddies took a 2-week vacation twice a year. Military service is an honorable profession. Don't tolerate losers like Jub who still live in their parent's subterranean vault dictate what your decision will be. Source(s): 8 years Army They can get you a nice plot when you come hindmost in a body bag, later your family can visit YOU adjectives the time.

Why would anyone sign up with 2 wars going on, free childhood, good pay, is it worth your life span and sanity. Talk to people who hold gotten back that ARE NOT in the recruit office. If they stop recruiting soldiers they will own to pull out of invading countries. Source(s): Stop the crazy need for the americian empire

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