Do you ponder that the purchase of computer-generated Louis Vuitton loads should be fined?

I've just seen that in attendance are certain holiday destinations where if you purchase a replicated Gucci bag or whatever you can be fined. This make me angry because I feel that if the government is competent to sit and wait for tourist purchase fake backpack then hand them a fine, they should be capable of make sure these bags aren't sold. Not with the sole purpose that but if the product is so unspecial that it can be copied to near perfect competence and sold at 1/10 of the price it means that you're paying for something completely imaginary. When the level is real, the product can't be copied with equal quality and sold for less. How abundant fake ferraris do you being sold on the black open market? There's a reason for this.

Do you think that the purchase of FALSE Louis Vuitton bags should be fined?
not at all. i would love to buy fake because people cant always afford the original. i mean people commit crimes basically to get money and buy the real article. whereas honest people just discharge less. what if someone didnt even realise it was a fiddle? or didnt know it was designer? i think it could be argued
If you bring fabricate items into the country they will be seized and you can be fined.
This encourages people to not buy fake, which is the objective.
Who's doing the fining, the destination Gov't?

The trade in counterfeit produce funds criminal activity the world over: it is not a victimless transaction. Stopping the trade means restricting the seller and eliminating the buyers.

If you go on holiday and break their law by buying counterfeit goods or restricted rare items, you must be predisposed to abide by their laws or pay the price.

As to the answer aphorism "how would you know" - a small tip: on the whole, Louis Vuitton bags are not sold at marketplace stalls. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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