What measures may, or will, be taken when Earth is over-populated?

power cuts

all bright world order measures for we the people to die from, which they want
To encourage the traits of lesbianism an homosexuality in genetic structure of humans.
To suggest homo sexual relationships among hetero sexual men and obviously use of condoms by them.
Female Condoms for Lesbians also. Internet pornography and sex games played on internet help.
Encouraging bad pick up lines surrounded by bars. Sale of android male and feminine sex dolls.
Use of snakes for pleasure. Fake ones if live ones thought to icky.

Trouble is Rich usually create fascism and put people in concentration camp and spray with gas.
They would arrange a venue like a movie theater City Festival to win people there and afterwards seal the approaches off after and later turn on the gas in the theaters. Something like Sarin or Zyklon B used by Nazis surrounded by WW3 I say three because I count 1492 as 1st World war when Europeans fought rest of planetary indigenous population surrounded by Africa, Australia, Carribbean, an The Americas. Source(s): 1492 counting is World war indigenous fought worldwide by Europeans.

History Of Sex and Genome Brief history[1991], Holocaust History. suggestions though not genocide And in whose judgment will the Earth be considered over-populated? The entire population of the Earth could fit into the state of Texas and be less densely concentrated than Manhattan Island in New York City.

Besides, that's why we own wars, diseases, and natural disasters, to pull off a rough balance.
The Logan's Run Protocol will take effect and anyone over 60 will be euthenised. Source(s): I know contained by the original Logan's Run it was 30yr prehistoric but I'm 40 so I'm giving myself another 20yr lol Swine flu was a measure, taken by the Free Masens (cant spell it)
They genetically spliced flues, surrounded by the hope of killing many "un-important" family.
No measures will be necessary as their will not be ample food or water for everyone. Every system achieves match given enough time.
I wouldn't worry too much really as it will all inherently sort itself out eventually. No measures in particular will be needed within the end.

Look at the animal kingdom, and swot. E.g. when you put enough fish into a fish pond, the fish will only grow so big and breed so much until the harmonize is addressed. What happens is that they if truth be told eat each other one bearing or the other if they are allowed to. Hence - have you not heard the expression 'dog-eat-dog'? Hmm not sure if I want to get through another human, as it might be a bit stringy.
Have you ever flown over Nevada or Wyoming? Did you know that everyone on earth could fit on Rhode Island with four foot of personal space.
There will inevitably be a lot of conflict. Whether or not nuclear arms will be used is unknown but it seems likely. We hold the collective wisdom of two millenia but it may all be without being seen in a 'survival of the fittest' conflict. Darwin will be proven correct. Source(s): Pesimest and cynical nature. It will resolve it self, a bit cruel, but if in attendance is not enough food, people will die. within will not be enough medicine.

100 years after overpopulation, within wil be wars for food, and fresh water. taking out adjectives technology. bringing us back to the year 1200.
Dont prudence I will be dead.

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