Do you consider the Illuminati will create a worldwide interconnected army?

A world wide army is impossible. People just can not carry along despite having tried to throughout all of record history.

The European Union can't even put an army together, and that is something on a much smaller extent.
The thing is even in Europe, the French don't want to be lead by German troops, the Swedes and Austrians want to stay neutral and never get involved contained by any wars, the Germans are paranoid about their departed history, the Slovaks don't trust the Hungarians at all, etc.

So many different competing interests and prejudices, they basically cannot unify militarily.
Yes, and they are going to turn us all into reptillians. How cool is that?!
Yes I deduce they are because that's what they want one powerful military to take over the country. The UN will take over America, the trilateral commision will control the world. It's adjectives part of the NEW WOLD ORDER's hellish plan. Source(s): Yes and it will be made up of 12 foot lizards, giant owl gods, communist muslims and Barack Obama and his thousand clones. Then they'll force you to hold a national health service, stop shooting each other and nurture the poor. B(a)stards.
Thats what the UN and EU were made for. The muslim koran say the army of the antichrist will ton blue turbans. Guess the colour of the UN army helmets! (blue).

the UN and EU are a partnership

They will eventually merge and create a world government, the new babylon, near one dominant language as there be in babylon (English) and one King (merged UN/EU leader).

Just as god disaproved then he does in a minute, these people work for satan as the kings and queen of babylon did. The queen of babylon (had diff names surrounded by diff countries) was worshipped as a goddess and these goddess like celebrity (beyonce, rihanna, lady gaga, Angelina jolie, megan fox, christina etc) rep her and are worsipped by many fan, male (who fancy them) and females(who worship their beauty, they are the idol of all females, you see why it just wouldn't work for a masculine to be the idol, men are too masculine to worship another man like that.)

Theyre hastening the devils work, the devil loves nation with big egos who imagine theyre better than god like the queen of babylon, her husbands and these satan worshipping celebs, as lucifer is like this himself.

Lucifer be the head of music in glory and is the great deciever..

These celebrities embody these 2 things

Acting= lies

music= music

He gets to population the most through these two crafts.

Female celebs also portray sexuality and promiscuity, traits of the devil and other impure unholy traits that brainwash girls into becoming no less than demons, nation like him.

Celebs turn to the devil as god has a plan for us so doesnt other give us success, but the devil does almost instantly....

In return for their souls when they die- their soul is instantly given as god won't adopt them into heaven and the sins theyve committed by bowing down to the devil will make their final destination hell

Therefore population who scoff at the idea of selling the soul to the devil, usually it is not literal, but is a consequence of their actions.

It is merely black trickery that the celebs do to ensure their success, many regular society in india practice this to have sons and to trade name their lives more successful or to harm others and ruin others lives and spoil their good fortune, everyone contained by India knows of its existance if not how to practice it.

Many head of the military and politicians in India and oriental countries do the same, "keep under surveillance the belly of the beast", its a pretty good outline of what happens.

Anyways sorry to enjoy gone off topic for abit but, basically this is where on earth I stand on the whole army thing. The illuminati work for satan, they run the UN/EU which is promoted by celebrity also working for our little friend the devil.

When **** hits the fan, this govt will clamp down on it's citizens moreso than it has already done( ie.big brother style national warranty cctv, disarmament I.D's etc) but their almost unstoppable military will be used, their military will then include the armies of all countries as adjectives will be ruled by this central institution as it is already in Europe.

I'm thinking it'll be hitler style and prob terribly evangelical cultish and when the antichrist comes we won't know who to trust even more than now, god knows exactly what will occur but their plans which they have been perfect for hundreds if not thousands of years are about to come into fruition.

God backing us!

No I'm actually asking, god please help us!

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