Why is the UK better than the USA?



59% of children believed religion has had a distrustful influence on the world
47% said organised religion had no place in the world and should be prevented
Sex, money, partying and reality TV were rank as more important than religion to UK teenagers.
the uk isnt better than the usa that is arrogance but i perceive americans live in their own world and should embrace the world more, theres more to life after all things american... and also the God thing is beyond doubt mental, its 2010 and religion is moving us backwards not forwards
Not as many guns :))
oh f*ck can we not do this?

Both countries are going to look pretty damn similar soon.

Also there is one public CCTV camera for every 14 British Citizens...that's not freedom.
Why have you asked a question in the region of whether the UK is better and the put up a load of stuff about religion?

I'm a British patriot so I know it is, and those information are disgraceful.
Different ... not better ... and ... VIVA LA DIFFERENCE ... !
The citizens of the UK are not really that bright.
They still bow to a queen.
That's very enlightened.
Meh. The UK is better at some things while US is better at others. The only question is which is better for you. I'd to some extent go to loads of US beaches as defiant the ones in the UK and I certainly would to some extent pay for my childrens' university in the UK and hold them benefit from knowing European geography as a result of the coincidental fact that it's right next door(or arguably around us-including us even).

One glaring difference is that the UK doesn't own nobama and that is a big plus for the UK.
Oh dear I do wish you would grow up.

Those data and attitudes make me ashamed to be British!

And by the way I do so worship the American constitution.
Besides entertaining accents and anyone the supplier of Dr. Who.. Not quite sure what other things in the U.K are better than the U.S. Other things are fairly debatable and not neccesarilly a case of "better or worse"

I conjecture it stems from the fact that America started its life next to a rifle in its hands slaughter everything that moved because it was new and misunderstood. they didnt share the house with the native indians and be scared of everything. Religion is so powerful there because of the alarm inherent in the country brought by the zealot pilgrim fathers. Who ever said it be the land of the free was slightly wrong. surrounded by reality is like a 3rd world country, extremes of rich and poor, insensitive to the point of screw thy neighbour (unless a catastrophe happens and later its all hands to the pump) and any mention of socialism is treated next to distain and hatred as it smacks of Communism - enemy of capitalism and that stems from the Jews of Europe moving to America. (see the story of the Rothschilds!)
The UK have lost the Religious fervour since liberal attitudes took root in the 60's and 70's. very soon you cannot reprimand children with a smack - its illegal, so kids attach necessity in the things that are inconsequential because they can without the creeps of control. The church cannot combat that using its archaic dogma from a book that so far cannot be substantiated and at best is a mishmash of stories and hearsay from 2000+ years ago. who is going to take notice of that surrounded by this modern age? and again celebacy, the religious orders are proving that some dont hold to that in the amount of apologies we are immediately getting from the catholic church for abuse of children. Now people choose not to follow the judeo-christian teachings as history shows in that is no foundation and faith is not always sustainable. Source(s): Just living lol Thank you for making my year. Helping me to start my day off right. Why would you vote that? You got to get a natural life.
well , that it's relative. according with the point of picture.
Reffering to the accent, UK is better; but reffering to the advance of science, USA is the best contained by the world
they achieve a better selection of cars. That's about it.

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