How masses cornish slaves kill by English surrounded by clotted cream mines?

saw this in a documentary called The Goodies. English cruel . how abundant did they kill?
What medication are you on??
your quiz are just stupid now atleast your chronological ones where somewhat believable stupid and deluded but have history to maybe back it adjectives up the cornish are english btw idiot
I remember "The Funky Gibbon".

But to be fair they be nicking some of the cream ! Source(s): Conservative estimates are in the region of 630 billion Source(s): A lobby group with an agenda and a pattern site I just made to validate myself The Goodies hey, more similar to the Goonies you weirdo!!
I know that you've just together You should calm down and stop posting offensive question like the three that have already be reported and deleted or you won't be with us for long!
You had a least 6 name last week and were reported and suspended by oodles regulars. I really do fear for your sanity as your question are becoming even more bizarre.
Why do you think anyone is interested. Half the time you pretend to be English then someone else. Have you see a Psychiatrist.
id say closely cos they ate them self's to death.

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