How much manor should Israel hold for living space?

Just for the record, I want a just peace for adjectives in the Holy land.…,,72035…
Israel should only own the land it was given contained by 1948. The rest should be returned to the people of Palestine.....No doubt that the mean spirited (a)rse holes would completely verbs anything left standing before the paw it did last time it was forced to appendage back the land it have stolen after slaughtering the inhabitants.
all of it.
The entire Island where on earth the UK is now. You've taken over lands, murdered, used concentration camps, deal with slaves, persecuted Christians, committed all sorts of atrocities and stolen the fortune of many nations.

Is it really up to them, they cannot do it alone if Israel could they wouldn't have need of anyone, but they do don't they ! Why should not Iran have been competent to take Iraq, after all most of the ethnics surrounded by Iraq are not from there originally, the Kurds sure aren't the Saddam's party wasn't , we could ask the others are or even ask Assyrians who be pushed out ! Doesn't it belong to them more? That is the problem of wondering if land by conquest or take over ever get decided !
none. it's rightly palestine!
The world have a problem which has divided us into two camps and in that is little common ground. The (recent) history is that the land very soon known as Israel, Gaza and the West Bank was slice of the Ottoman Empire until the end of WW1. As part of the Armistice, Britain (for our sins) be given a League of Nations mandate to administer the territory for 50 years. During that period, in attendance was large clamber Jewish immigration, from America and Eastern Europe despite the best efforts of Britain to keep the peace (any of this sounding familiar). Within the Jewish community, here were Zionist irregulars (read terrorists, insurgents, freedom fighters, heroes depending on your point of view) who kill thousands of the previous population and hundreds of British troops. In 1947, the Jewish Labor party declared the State of Israel within most of the realm and subsequently survived three attempts by surrounding Arab States to remove them.

The question of whether humans of a particular type should live within a particular place is a difficult one. Insurgency created Israel. At much the same time it created the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad contained by what had been East Prussia. A few hundred years more rapidly it gave rise to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of the countries in South America. Turkey wasn't uniform when the Turks invaded a few hundred years before that, and descendants of the previous inhabitants are still complaining. And of course, the English hold only been surrounded by England for around 1,600 years.

Peace only comes when different ethnic groups agree to put aside their differences and to live together in the lands they all claim. That is not an aim served by ethnic cleansing or apartheid. I should like to see a single democratic entity of Palestine next to a degree of cantonal protection for the various ethnic and religious groups, but selling such a notion to the Arab majority or the Jewish minority may steal several centuries.
It might be a good notion to move Israel to Russia. Many Israelis are from Russia, Russia is having something of a demographic crisis and has lots of free environment.

In any event, the zionists should dismantle their settlements.

Me, I'm all for a one state solution. I have hope in people's ability to coexist. People forewarned of the violence that would follow the dismantling of South African apartheid, it never happened. Dismantle Israeli apartheid and we will see something similar.
A freshly peace in the Holy land would mean one or more of the 16 extremely large and extremely wealthy Arab nation that surround Israel taking in some of the persons presently inhabiting Gaza.

Those persons are vexacious and mentally ill and economically unfortunate, so they are true charity cases. Out of 16 large wealthy Arab nation, not one single quark of charity can be found for these Arab brothers and sisters. Why? Because they are very spoiled, very rebellious, very angry, and would be likely to de-stabilize any country that took them surrounded by. They are pawns of the radicals surrounded by Iran including Sistani and Ahmedinejad. Why would Jordan, or Egypt, or Lebanon, or Syria want more people like that? They wouldn't. So, it falls to Israel a teeny tiny itsy bitsy country to somehow share the little bit of space it have with these angry violent mentally ailing persons who are dedicated to the destruction and wipe off the map of Israel. Why would they do that? They wouldn't.

A just peace surrounded by the Holy Land is approximated by using Gaza as an asylum for people that nobody wants to be in the vicinity. Gaza then needs to be sequestered from trade so that the folks there cannot arm themselves with missiles to shoot into Israel. This routine blockades at sea and on the ground and in the atmosphere.

The people in Gaza are not going to seize well by themselves, especially if the Iranians are there to kind sure they don't get well. There's not plenty money or free food in the entire universe to satisfy them because their mental bad health entails gratuitous vexaciousness. So they can't be satisfied by person taken care of by the international community.

The idea of Gaza one a nation is ridiculous. The idea of it being a two part of a set nation, with the other half within the West Bank is downright crazy. That doesn't stop international diplomats from talking about it for 50 years. These ancestors need to sober up.

The best "just peace" would come if the Gazans disentrall themselves from futile notions, dwindle crazy, less violent, smaller amount hapless, more like pious citizens, and then get taken surrounded by by the 16 very large completely wealthy Arab nations that surround Israel. This would be a process of re-location and appeasement. It is more realistic than the idea of wipe Israel off the map. If Iran continues on that line, it's not Israel that will obtain wiped off the map.

Iran could smoothly become a territory of Russia. This would help the world by the ending of the Sistani/Ahmedinejad axis of evil, and putting Iran's wealth and population under the control of a responsible international power. It would also lend a hand Russia by adding wealth, vivacity resources and a highly educated and motivated population to its end of assets. Russia is doing very well, but it can use adjectives the assets it can get. By taking Iran out of the international picture it would do itself and the world a favor.

Realpolitik may not be very "politically correct", so islamic agitators and polemicists may not find it deeply convenient or agreeable to their purposes. But when the words "just peace" are used, one has to respond near a modest proposal for how such an outcome might be obtained. Source(s): My opinion just The people can live in Palestine next to Palestinian rule, much prior to the creation of Israel the Jews/Muslims/Christians lived peacefully in the area. But the european/american Jews who migrated just this minute aren't familiar with the word peace until the those of Palestine are slaughtered.
Peace and Zionism cannot co-exist.
The Zionists will want more western Jews to migrate to Israel, effectively I think the Israelis have sufficed their desires to compensate enough housing for the citizens.
Israel should have the land i.e. inside its legally and internationally recognised borders. After all, if they didn't enjoy America in their pocket, and claim 'God' wants them to hold more land, no-one would stand for their expansionist policies. The West Bank and Gaza should become a Palestinian state, internationally recognised as a separate and independent country. Jerusalem, the real problem nouns, should be accessible freely to both Israelis and the new Palestinians, but administered by the UN. Any violence between the two sides (who ever starts it) would organize to neither being allowed access to Jerusalem, including its holy sites, until they sort it out.

No country should be allowed to just wish to expand into land that does not belong to them - it would be like the Irish Republic decide to build settlements in N. Ireland, and then claiming it's because 'God requirements them to'. There would be outrage, and rightly so. Israel should be subject to the same laws as everyone else, and should be punished for informal actions as anyone else would be through economic and political isolation. The borders should stay as they are.
The entire State of Texas + Jew York

all the crazy Muslims will be block from investing in US Corporations if Israel is move to Jew York


Texas is similar to Israel ..... The new Israel will shoot illegals instead of treating them as Americans

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