Why does George Galloway complain something like the occupation of Palestine by Israel?


When he clearly supports the occupation of Britain by Muslim colonisers.
Why he would worry roughly speaking Israel occupying a mythical land is beyond me.When are society going to understand that "palestine" and "palestinians" are made up political tools that the Arabs use to try to destroy Israel. There is no such place as Palestine and in that are no such people as Palestinians. You might as well give the name them Brigadoonians or Atlantians.
Galloway is a self publicising fool, but your linking together of what you claim to be his two beliefs is a complete nonsense.

The occupation of Palestine by Israel have been condemned time after time by UN resolution and the stories of atrocities which reach us craft it very difficult to accept Israels activities. Equally, Hamas' hostile attacks on Israeli territory make it difficult for a peace to hold.

Your 'occupation of Britain by Muslim colonisers' is one of your racist BNP lies. Muslims kind up a small minority of the population and the vast majority of them want nothing to do next to the few who advocate violence. As a applicant of a party born of hatred and antagonism yet claiming to have renounced it, I'm surprised you can't read the concept of an extreme minority tainting the public perception of a whole group.

Can you evidence your claim of 91% of terrorists within UK being Muslim, and the rate of growth of the Muslim population? And what this rate of growth actually funds for the future?

Didn't you get the message from the public at the last election? Your shabby bunch of racist don't represent the British people - over 98% of those who turned out rejected you.
He complains about the occupation of Palestine because it is illegal.

The video clip merely showed a group of British citizens who be gathered to stop the fascist E.D.L marching and spreading see hate in their community.
Blimey, he's sooooo ANGRY sometimes isn't he? He's probably very close to being arrested for national incitement there, and he's stirring up trouble for us big time. I don't like the politics of infirm Georgie Porgie, but he does 'sometimes' entertain me on the radio and makes me titter - he's not always like that. He truly believes that Israel are nearby illegally, but so do many relations.I do not believe that myself though.

Perhaps we can find the answer on his website on which he spent lb10,000 MP's expenses.
Yes , he claimed lb10,000 for his "mother of all websites" using his MP's "expenses". He is bent on replacing British working people beside Muslim immigrants. Having said that I agree with him just about the occupation of Palestine; but his opposition to it does seem a bit bizarre when he supports Muslim occupation of British land, jobs, housing, school etc.

See the parliament report on George Galloway's massive over lb10,000 "office claim" this was for work done on a website.He also charged for Xmas cards (see connect 2) which also mentions his lb10,000 website claim. Source(s): http://mpsallowances.parliament.uk/mpslo…

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/5412974/… Because the occupation of Palestinian land, and the use of it for living space is unjust.

As for Britain individual occupied by Muslim colonisers, it is not.

Today, I have have a beer in public. On the weekend, we had friends over to our house. Men and women mixed and alcohol be drunk and ham was eaten. Boys and girls played surrounded by public together and many were wearing revealing clothing as they be using the paddling pool we put out.

So, tell me how we are being populated? I have not noticed not anyone able to do anything due to this "Muslim occupation" that we are subject to.

And with your terrorist statistic, remember that loads of Christian terrorists be released from jail thanks to the Northern Ireland peace agreements. Or do you overlook the IRA killing people contained by London, or Protestant terrorists murdering Catholics, just because they were the wrong sort of Christian surrounded by Northern Ireland? Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mINChFxRX… Perhaps because the occupation of Palestine is not only illegal below international law, but the building of new settlements is in actual fact illegal under Israeli regulation. Highlighting the hypocrisies of the Israeli government who pretend they want peace whilst creating the conditions for tension and time of war (especially now, when Obama is buddying up to them thanks to the mid vocabulary and his lack of a spine) is one of the few good things Galloway does.

Something similar to under 5% of people contained by Britain are muslim. Far more migrants come from Eastern Europe and are Christians than come from Muslim countries.Hardly a colonisation. There are far more atheists than Muslims, and Christianity (which in my book is no better than Islam, or any other religion for that matter) is still by far the dominant religion. Also, when we start to define folks not by their skills, attributes, and what they contribute, but by their religion, I think we are going down a very uncertain and self-destructive road indeed.
I can't decide if Galloway is a Marxist trying to use Muslims to break down the Western World or if he's just truly an insane moron who might be getting greatly of money from Muslims and could care less what loving of world he leaves his children.

But I agree with your premise, the West colonized by third-worlders. And I believe it's actually too deferred at this point. The birth rates will destroy our countries as we know them, along with the Western World. White individuals will be the minority with no political power or military to protect them and left up to the vagary of the majority. You see how that's working out in South Africa.
paul there's a difference between time of war and immigration, Israel and palestine are butchering each other.
95% or more of the muslims that move here are NOT trying to kill us if they be we'd be dead

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